Spring & summer scents for your home

14 June 13

Now that we are well into Spring and Summer, here in Britain, we have to relish each day when the sun graces its presence and gives us some great weather.

Working within the wedding industry and being experts in wedding confetti, we at Confetti Heaven also fully appreciate how good weather is important for the summer – after all, we all would love a barbeque or two at some point!

Well, weather dependant or not, today we are going to talk about making your home feel like it is summer / spring all through the “summer” months, despite how it is outside all through the use of summer scents with candles.


Something most people will notice during the summer is that people are much happier. The bright early mornings and sun setting evenings put a smile on all of our faces.

This is why we first would like to recommend the Joy candle range. A happy, clean fresh and floral fragrance this will create the happy atmosphere within your homes, even if the weather outside is a little bit disappointing.

Place these inside your living room and let the ambience take control of your emotions, whatever the weather.  Joy is a sparkling citrus floral on a complex (but soft) woody & musk base, over a rich, floral heart of rose, lily and iris.

Neroli & Rose Geranium

Neroli candle is a beautiful sweet, honeyed metallic aromatic soft smell and combined with Rose geranium – the mix is sublime

The soft, clean green and fresh scent will bring the smell of the floral outdoors within your home.  We would recommend placing this candle within your hallway so as you walk from room to room within your home, you are reminded of the fresh outdoors on a beautiful summer’s day.


The smell of fresh cut grass is one distinct way of knowing we are in spring / summer. There is something about this smell which instantly makes us happy, reminds us of good times during the summer.

Capture that moment now within your home with our Eden candle. A combination of herbs, spices, precious woods and fig , this candle is a clean and fresh with a subtle touch of fresh elegant woods.


We have featured dance before in a previous article, but we love it so much, we have to include it within this one too!

A heady floral, this candle is made up of lily, jasmine, gardenia, peach, blackcurrant, mandarin, sandalwood and musk. What more do you want? It’s complete with beautiful scents and will definitely provide your home with the summer / spring fragrance you require.

This article was written by confettiheaven.co.uk – The UK’s leading wedding confetti and wedding table decoration supplier.