Spring has finally sprung

29 April 13
melt lama

It’s finally springtime – although you wouldn’t have guessed it from the weather. It’s slightly disappointing that spring is such a short season, especially when it started so late.

Still, we’re sure you’ll continue to enjoy many of our spring scented candles well into summer. It’s time to prepare yourself for the intensive changes that come with this wonderful season.

Spring is certainly one of the most inspiring seasons when it comes to scented candles and it’s not a mystery as to why.

We love this time of the year! For the first time in months you can smell the first signs of the awakening of life – the first cuttings of grassy lawns, the coming of new flowers and the smell of the ground finally warming up.

These are some of our favourite smells, reminding us of many happy Saturday mornings as a child – like those days where your mum or dad would tend to garden while you sat outside.

Or those misty walks on shadowy mornings, when the day was just starting, but everything was beginning to awake and smelled so fresh and untouched.

Taking note of our sense of smell brings us much pleasure…

It’s the wonderful fragrances of nature that captures the essence of what spring is all about, and candlemakers across the ages have done their best to capture the these fantastic fragrances as best they can.

Eden Scented CandlesEden

One of our seasonal highlights is Eden, with the alluring natural scent of cut grass and creamy fig. Like with all our scents, it’s the memories that this candle evokes which makes it so special. There’s nothing like a warm spring day, a gentle breeze and the aroma of freshly cut grass. Spring grass has a much sweeter smell than in summer, in which it becomes bitterer as the grass darkens through the summer.

Everyone loves the smell of spring – the first glimpse of sunshine, fun, friends and all good things.

As always Melt paid special attention to its colour to really help you capture the springtime.

Dance Scented CandlesDance

Another product that immediately pulls attention with its beautiful and vivid floral smell is Dance.

This gripping scent brings together a wonderful combination of flowers and fruits of lily, jasmine, gardenia, peach, blackcurrant, mandarin, sandalwood and musk.

Verbena & Clary Sage CandlesVerbena & Clary Sage

Nothing says spring more than the smell of Verbena and Clary Sage scented candles which just shout “spring is in the air”.

This wonderfully fresh, yet rich, combination of verbana leaves, silver lavender and clary sage gives a lovely clean, scent.

It’s dark blue colour will make you feel cooler in the spring air.