Spice up your night with patchouli

17 April 15
melt candles patchouli

There’s a lot more to our scented candles than fabulous scents. Rich in essential oils that enhance your health and wellbeing, a night in with one of your favourite Melty scents can offer up a whole host of benefits.

Today we’re taking a closer look at the bold and earthy scent of patchouli, native to the tropical climates in Southeast Asia, the hippy-like scent was a favourite of King Tut and more recently, in the 60s, it was known as the bohemian scent.

While its scent is behind much of its popularity, its health benefits are renowned too, making it a popular choice for those looking for a quick pick-me-up.

3 essential facts about patchouli oil

A mood-booster

If you suffer from anxiety, depression or stress, burning a scent infused with patchouli oil can have life-changing results.

The oil’s sedative properties will help calm your nervous system and enable you to have a better night’s sleep.

This, in turn, will help to get rid of all that negative energy, enabling you to view your day with a renewed light. The scent also stimulates those all-important feel-good hormones; meaning bouts of anger, sadness and anxiety will quickly disappear.

An aphrodisiac

Instead of opting for a feminine floral scent, why not infuse your home with the sultry scent of patchouli ahead of your next date.

Not only will your home smell great, the scent will also help you to relax, lowering your inhibitions and getting you both in the mood for a romantic, loved-up evening.

Aligns the heart chakra

Spiritually, patchouli has a number of benefits. It releases obsessions, insecurities and jealously, enhancing our desire to live a fuller life.

It grounds us and asks us to stay in the present moment, remaining mindful, rather than stressing about future issues beyond our control.

Where to find it:

We’re big fans of patchouli here at Melt, which is why we’ve included it in so many of our scents. So whether you’re looking for something to aid your relaxation, or you want some help in the romance department, try these following scents:

Aubergine Scented Candle – Perfect for that Autumn date, this yummy scent is just like mulled wine with a fragrant floral twist.

aubergine Scented Candle

Nocture Scented Candle – If it’s sultry, sexy and sophisticated you’re after you can’t get much better than Nocturne. Think subtle spice and stars, teamed with elegance – it’s the perfect scent to kick start your evening.

nocturne Scented Candle

Noir Scented Candle – This powerful fragrance is possibly our most sensual to date. Teaming patchouli with scents including vanilla and rose, it’s a real aphrodisiac.

Noir Scented Candle

Rich Cream Scented Candle – One of our favourite scents to unwind with, Rich Cream features lots of lovely oils known to help reduce your stress levels – eucalyptus, lavender and geranium being just a few.

Saddle Scented Candle – Ideal for men and women, this unisex scent provides stress-relief for all. Spicy, rich and warm, it wouldn’t smell out of place in anyone’s home.

Saddle Scented Candle

Have you tried any of our patchouli-based scents? If so, why not tell us what you thought? Leave your comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles