Sleep well this summer with aromatherapy

7 July 15
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With the summer heat and early sunrise playing havoc with our sleeping patterns we can feel tired, lousy and irritable in the summer months – despite the bright and beautiful sun. Of course, these aren’t the only side effects of poor sleep; weight gain, ill health and depression can all be caused by not enough kip.

It’s recommended that adults get a minimum of seven hours sleep a night, ideally eight, but anything from hot weather conditions to day-to-day stresses can prevent us getting a good night’s sleep. To remedy this, a lot of today’s insomniacs are turning to natural remedies and sleep aids to help them switch off and drift away at the end of the night. While these products are all-natural and proven to help insomniacs, aromatherapy is perhaps a more gentle and pleasant way to encourage sleep.

Essential oils to help you sleep

sleep remedies lavendar

Lavender, vanilla, bergamot and sandalwood are some of the best scents to aid sleep. They not only switch off the brain, they also help you to relax – giving way to a more natural form of sleep. The benefit of aromatherapy over more traditional sleep aids is that it gives you the tools to help you to solve any problem yourself. By helping you relax and unwind, the rest comes naturally – which is the best way to be if you want to ensure good quality sleep in the long term.

Other things we suggest you try, while burning your favourite sleepy scents, include:

  • Drifting away with a good book. Try and read from an old fashioned book rather than an electronic device that’s likely to interfere with your sleeping patterns.
  • Enjoy a long bath. Perhaps sprinkle a few drops of our recommended oils in your bath too for a double whammy.
  • Unwind with a chamomile tea – great for relaxation and for easing the anxiety and depression that’s so often behind poor sleep.

Melty scents: What dreams are made of

At Melt, we’ve combined some of our favourite scents to make scented candles that will guarantee a restful night of sleep.

For those of you who need a little helping hand drifting off at night, why not try these secret gems:

  • Noir Scented Candles – This sensual scent is sure to get you relaxed and set for sweet dreams. Combining sleep wonders, bergamot and sandalwood, with rose, patchouli, spicy clove and sweet vanilla, it’s soft, deep and relaxing – perfect for lighting up at the end of the night.

Noir scented candle range

  • Nocturne scented candles – This quiet scent has the benefit of being fairly discrete, rather than in your face, and combines warm aromatic seeds with sandalwood, patchouli and amber.

nocturne scented candles

  • Rich Cream scented candles – This warming, elegant scent combines two of the best send-me-to-sleep scents – bergamot and lavender. Neither too feminine nor too masculine; too summery nor too wintery – this scent is the perfect aid for everyone in all seasons.

What essential oils help you drift off into a deep sleep? Share your favourite sleepy scents in the comments below, or tweet them to us @MeltCandles