Sensational smell: The power of our senses

7 April 15
1 april

Our sense of smell is pretty amazing. It turns our pretty wax candles into something sensational as the scents impact our whole body.

In fact, our sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive that any other sense and the recognition of smell is immediate.

This means gorgeously scented candles, like our melty delights, have the power to make a huge impact on one’s day, creating memories, bringing back memories and unlocking our subconscious mind.

Scents have the power to make an impact on our emotions. The smell sensations are relayed deep into the brain, helping us to not only label a certain smell but also triggering an emotional response.

This means that pleasant fragrances are much more than a nice-to-have, they can also impact our health and wellbeing.

In fact, smell plays such a crucial role that it’s even used widely in the health care industry to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for patients.

Lavender fragrances are used here because they can calm patients and worried visitors. Scents are also commonly used in workplace environments because of their ability to impact productivity.

One study found that when lemon oil was diffused throughout a Japanese office building, productivity among data entry operators increased by 54%!

Of course, the impact of a scent will be hugely dependent on your personal preferences.

You may have a soft spot for those vanilla, cotton-blanket tones, or you may be the sort who can’t stand the simplicity and sweetness of fragrance – opting for something deeper and complex – like our Burgundy scent.

Top scents to transform your day


This scent promotes concentration while getting rid of that mid-afternoon brain fog. It’s great for clearing your mind when you’re feeling run down and giving you that zest you need to get on with your day.

Try: Shine Scented Candle

Shine Scented Candle


If it’s a calming environment you’re after, you can’t go wrong the classic lavender scent. Great for emotional stress, it won’t be long until you’re feeling bright and bubbly again.

Try: White Scented Candle or Saddle Scented Candle

White scented candle

Saddle scented candle


If you’re prone to depression, Jasmine can give you that essential pick-me-up. It’s a natural anti-depressant and has the ability to give you that uplift you need along with a revitalised boost of energy.

Try: Dance Scented Candle


If you’re like us and always have a craving for sweet treats, it may be worth investing in a vanilla-infused fragrance.

Studies show that it actually works well as a replacement for the pleasure that you’d usually get from eating sweets – but without the calories. So next time you’re craving that after-dinner treat, pop on one of our vanilla scents!

Try: Angel Scented Candle or Blush Scented Candle

Angel Scented CandleBlush scented candle


If it’s romance you’re after, you can’t get much better than a rose-infused scent – the perfect aphrodisiac!

The scent alone has the power to boost the libido as well as boost self-esteem and confidence with its antidepressant properties.

Try: More Scented Candle or Love Scented Candle

More scented candle

Love scented candle

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