Scents for all seasons

2 February 15
Scents for all seasons

There’s a lot of thought that goes into creating our sensational scents you know. We don’t just through in a bit of whatever we fancy and hope we end up with something good. Many of our Melt fragrances are inspired by the seasons and designed to create beautiful, sophisticated aromas in your home all year round.

Our inspiration comes from foods, flowers and landscapes, which encompass the real feeling behind the seasons. We then try to bottle up and infuse all these smells into our scented candles, capturing all the niceties of the season. We’ve heard we’re pretty good at it too!

Today on the blog, we’ll be taking you through a tour of the seasons via candlelight – featuring some of the best Melt has to offer in seasonal scents…

Warm up your winter with…

  • Aubergine. Mulled wine plays a big part in our festivities here at Melt, so incorporating it into one of our scents, by using ingredients like cinnamon, bay and bergamot, was a must! This yummy fragrance smells just like your favourite winter tipple, but with a fragrant floral twist. Elegant, spicy and warm, it’s the perfect background fragrance for your festive soiree.
  • Christmas. The name of the scent says it all. Enriched with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, orange, vanilla and spice, it’s like all of your favourite things about Christmas all in one.

Put a spring in your step with…

  • Neroli & Rose Geranium. What makes spring so special is the changing landscape. All of a sudden glorious blooms appear to pop out from nowhere. Pretty flowers encompass the inspiration behind this scent. With orange flower, sweet pea and freesia, along with notes of rose and jasmine, our Neroli & Rose Geranium really does feature the best of Britain’s blooms.
  • Verbena & Clary Sage. Who else gets a big smile on their face when the sun decides to peek out? We certainly do! For us here at Melt, spring is all about being happy and enjoying the great outdoors. Verbena & Clary Sage is one of the happiest scents in our collection. It smells like you’ve just stepped into a fresh, tranquil wood on a beautiful spring day.

Sit back and enjoy the summer sunshine with…

  • Joy. This sparkling, citrus beauty is the perfect summer scent. We love all those juicy fruits that are in abundance over the summer months, so we decided to create a fragrance that featured citrus florals on a more complex musky and woody base. The result? Utterly delightful!
  • Shine. If there’s any time of year that we have a real zest for life it’s the summer and Shine really encompasses this zest. Featuring fresh and zingy grapefruit, along with lots of other summery flavours like lemon and mandarin, Shine is guaranteed to get you in that summery mood!

Enjoy autumn’s appeal with…

  • Autumn. An obvious choice but a good one! Autumn is one of our favourite candles. It reminds us of all the things we love about the season – bobbing for apples at Halloween, baking parkin cake and treacle tart, roasting chestnuts and of course the changing landscape.
  • Burgundy. This warming floral fragrance is perfect for enjoying on those cool winter nights – where all you want to do is sit back and read a book next to the blazing fire. It features a glorious range of ingredients including ylang, carnation, rose, lily and almond. Mmmm!

Do you have a favourite all-year round scent? If so, tell us your favourite Melty scent and why in the comments below, or tweet us @MeltCandles