Scents of the Season: Spring

7 April 16
Spring flowers

Spring – longer day & lighter nights…

The dawn chorus heralds the start of Spring and your ears recognise the whispering between flowers and spring. In short, the air has changed… and it smells so good. Scents are greener and lighter – and we have 5 perfect fragrances that will compliment this refreshing time of year.

Eden: Gorgeous! Cut grass and creamy Fig. This is one of those rare creatures who offends no-one and delights everyone. She does all seasons and all places in the home, behaves impeccably at all times, is well mannered and charming and so makes the perfect house guest/gift. She’s the “girl” that everyone wants to be friends with and everyone wants to know.

Shine: The thing about Grapefruit is that it can be a little too, well, “grapefruity” – a kind of sharp, citrusy nothingness which disappears in a nanosecond (mehhhh!). What we wanted to create was that beautiful, clean, zesty note that Grapefruit can offer if you get it right, but we needed to add some extra notes to make it hang around a while. So, let us introduce you to Armoise – a fabulous essential oil reportedly widely used by witches in medieval times to conjure up vivid dreams and time travel and used by Culpeper as a cure for baldness. We won’t comment on that (best not…) but as part of our Shine fragrance it helps add some substance and depth whilst allowing the perfume to remain clean, bright – and shiny! (Yay…..)

Hush: Not everyone wants a power house fragrance that jumps out and bops you on the nose. Some of the more discerning & subtle amongst you actually prefer a fragrance that whispers instead of SHOUTS ……..and our Hush fragrance was created with you especially in mind. A gentle, chalky floral that is as easy to get along with as your best friend. No sharp edges, nothing to make you think too much, no agenda….just comfortingly there.

Joy: This word – and this fragrance – just can’t be separated. This sparkly, happy, summer floral is fresh, enthusiastic & uncomplicated. Not quite bouncy, but most definitely upbeat – and you just can’t be down in the mouth when she’s around.

Verbena and Clary Sage: This fragrance made us realise why we love doing what we do all over again. When it was completed we did a little jig of ‘sniffy happiness’ round the workshop we were that pleased with ourselves. In our retail outlet this is the one that when popped under a customer’s nose nearly always has the same response; a huge smile followed by “Wow! That is just stunning!” And it is. We guess the trick is that it smells like the most gorgeous chap (or at least one who wears the most exquisite fragrances) – which is why both men and women love it so much. It’s just fabulous to have around… and the fact that is is so easy on the nose cleverly masks that it is actually a very complex fragrance but well worth the effort. A personal favourite for a lot of us here at melt.

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