Scents And Seasons: Getting The Most Out Of Your Scented Candles

17 August 17
From the ashes rises a Phoenix

Here at Melt, we’re passionate about creating our luxury scented candles. Equally though, we’re passionate about helping you to get the maximum use and enjoyment out of them. You may well have read last week’s blog on this topic, which included tips on choosing the right setting for your candles, and creative ways to use them to light your home. This week, though, we’ve got a whole new set of helpful hints!

Here’s our second and final list of ways to get the very most out of your candles:

  1. Choose the scent to suit the season
  2. Use aromatherapy candles to help ease or energise your mood
  3. One candle is always just enough!

Ready for more detail?

Matching Scents To Seasons

We tend to associate certain scents with specific times of year – it’s why you tend to think of Christmas if you smell mulled wine or cinnamon, while citrusy scents might put you more in mind of warmer, sunnier times. Well, you’ll be happy to hear that your luxury scented candles can enhance your mood to match the season, making your home feel fresh and zesty or festive and cosy accordingly.

For summer – i.e., now! – here at Melt we’d recommend scents such as Dance or Shine, which can give your home that bright burst of energy for your summertime activities. Meanwhile, we’d look at more floral scents or woody scents for spring, like Love or Eden, while for winter, something like Noel or Rich Cream is always best. They’re not hard and fast rules, of course – it depends on what sort of feel you want to create!

Using Aromatherapy To Change The Mood


It’s not always about matching the scent to the season. There might be times when you want to change your own emotional or mental state; maybe you need to unwind after a tough day at work or you need a bit of a relaxing break after a stressful task or conversation. For that sort of thing, there’s nothing better than aromatherapy – we use special essential oils in the making of our candles that are perfect for alleviating tension, taking the edge off depression, or giving you the energising boost you need to take on whatever’s coming your way. The right luxury scented candle can even get you in a bit of a romantic mood, if that’s what you’re looking for!

Just One Candle Is All You Need!

You might have read a lot about layering scents, and all the effects that can have. While we can’t say with total certainty that would be a bad thing – it’s all quite subjective, after all! – we’d generally advise against it. You see, when it comes to mixing and layering different scents, we’ve already done all that for you when making the candle! We don’t design our scents to be mixed together, because their makeups are often quite complex in themselves. It’s mainly for that reason that we think one fragrance is just enough.

If you’re wondering which scent might be right for you, never fear! At Melt, we pride ourselves on having a huge range of luxury scented candles to suit all tastes. You can browse our full range here, or give us a call on 01200 443377 for any tips or advice. We’re always happy to help!

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