Scented candles Vs reed diffusers: Which one’s right for you?

1 June 16
Candles and Reed Diffusers

At Melt, we love our smellies – from gorgeously scented bath time goodies to sumptuous scents for the home; smelling good is our speciality. Scented candles and reed diffusers are two of our most popular products and share more similarities than you might think. They both smell great and help you to express your personality, but they do have their differences too…

The benefits of scented candles

Although our scented candles boast many benefits, here are just a few…

  1. Help to aid ailments

Melt’s scented candles are made up of all the good stuff. There are no hidden nasties in our candles, just pure, natural aromatherapy oils. This means that when you burn them, you’ll soak up all the amazing benefits too!

Our zesty candles with ingredients like orange, cinnamon, lemon can give you that boost of energy, while the ones that include lavender, rose, and sandalwood are ideal for relaxation.

  1. Help to promotes focus

Unlike more traditional forms of light, which can be a little harsh, candlelight helps to promote focus. Candlelight not only looks magical, it’s gentle and soft too – allowing your mind to better focus and concentrate as a result.

  1. Great home accessory

Although simple, candles add a great finishing touch to any room. What’s more, our scented candles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, meaning it’s even easier to find the perfect compliment to your room.

The benefits of reed diffusers

If you haven’t tried one of our reed diffusers before, find out why they’re a necessity in your home…


  1. A beautiful stream of scent, all day long

Unlike scented candles, which need to be lit to release their scent, reed diffusers release their scent all day long. When you get home from work, your home will already smell beautiful, and if you forget to light a scented candle ahead of a big event, you needn’t worry. Reed diffusers take the faff out of ensuring your home smells great.


  1. Long-lasting scent

Some scented candles have limited burn times, which can be affected by the health of the candlewick too. Reed diffusers, on the other hand, tend to last a lot longer (usually between 3 – 6 months) and give off continuous fragrance throughout this time.


  1. You can put them anywhere

Unlike candles, which need to be monitored because of their flame, reed diffusers can be placed anywhere in your home. Think bathrooms, corridors, or even on wooden bookshelves in your hallway – anything goes!


At Melt, we think that reed diffusers and scented candles both have their place. We like to pop our reed diffusers in the main social spaces of the home and save our luxury scented candles for that all-important me-time. But if you had to pick one, we’d suggest a scented candle for those looking for relaxation and a reed diffuser for those dreaming of a heavenly scented home.

Which do you prefer – the scented candle or the reed diffuser? Share you favourite in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles