Scented Candles: the best first impression for your customers

19 May 14

A lot of the time we think of giving scented candles as gifts for loved ones or close friends – but they’re a refreshing, thoughtful present for clients and colleagues as well.

Perhaps you need to remind a client what you’re all about (going above and beyond the call of duty, of course!) or perhaps you want to thank them for sticking with you for so long. Perhaps you just want to send a reminder that you’re thinking of them.

Whatever the reason, we’re convinced that scented candle-type corporate gifts are the way to go – read on for why!

A seriously fabulous welcome present

With their elegant looks and stylish luxury packaging (not to mention the drop-dead gorgeous fragrance 😉 ), Melt’s scented candles make an ideal welcome present for clients who’ve decided to take up your services.

Can you imagine a better way to say ‘hello!’ to a new client than one of our scrummy scented candles? The Violet and Black Pepper range is perfect for sophisticated clients – with a wealth of classy scents and the rich, subtle notes of jasmine, lily, patchouli and cedar wood.

Perhaps you want to congratulate your staff for doing a smashing job – whether they’ve met their targets or delivered brilliant service, nothing shows appreciation quite like a gift box of scented candles.

Why don’t you send your team their candles in our luxury glass jars?  The wonderful fresh blend of bergamot, lemon and spices in our Rich Cream range of scented candles will refresh and revive anyone who’s been putting in that little bit extra in the office.

Melt candles are made with care!

We’re fragrance-mad here at Melt, and really proud of the way our candles can soothe, invigorate, and electrify through the power of scent – with a range of 30 unique fragrances to choose from, you’re bound to find something for your clients and colleagues.

Our candles are hand-poured using a blend of natural waxes, and we add in our fantastic fragrance combinations with expert precision so the scent is distributed evenly throughout the wax.

This method takes a little longer (we’ve been known to spend 36 hours on a single candle) but it also means the fragrance is released consistently from first flame to final flicker.

So whether you’re impressing new clients or giving a candle-shaped hug to your brilliant team, Melt’s luxury scented candles are bound to make a lasting (delicious-smelling) impression!

Go Corporate Services, Go!

Melt offers bespoke corporate services for those of you who want to give something a little extra at work. We’ll engrave your logo on to our luxury glass jars and tailor the packaging to your taste as well.

So, for that extra Melty touch that says ‘you’re great!’, have a gander at our corporate and wholesale candles – perfect for swanky corporate events. We’ve also got a gorgeous range of reed diffusers ideal for offices with a lot of paperwork everywhere!

The lovely Melt customer service team is on hand to take your call, so if you’ve got even a vague idea of what you’d like but don’t know how to realise it, just give us a bell. We’re more than happy to chat about candles – it’s what we love! – or to put our heads together and come up with a bespoke gift package just right for you.

What fragrance do you think would make the best gift for a client? How about the star player in your team?  Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles!