The scent of all scents: Lavender

8 January 15

Whether we’re fatigued, suffering from a fever or under a bit of stress, there’s one super scent we can always rely on, lavender.

Lavender is one of those miracle herbs that seems to be able to provide a solution for 101 problems and ailments. If that wasn’t enough, it smells gorgeous too. If it were a person, we’re pretty sure everyone would want to be lavender’s friend – smells good, attractive, soothing, can heal pretty much anything… the list goes on. In fact, why not read some of our favourite uses here…

Our top 3 uses for lavender

– Pain relief

You know that muscle pain you get after a long session at the gym? Well we’re not sure we’ve been in one long enough to experience that ourselves, but lavender is sure to sort out any muscle related aches and pains. A regular massage with lavender oil can also provide relief from pain in the joints.

– Acne

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had a fair share of spots – whether it’s our own or our kids, they can definitely put a damper on the day. Lavender oil inhibits the bacteria that cause the initial infection that leads to spots and can reduce the signs of scarring after the acne has begun to heal.

– Hair care

Lavender is a secret weapon for a number of hair conditions, from head lice to hair loss. In fact, a recent study showed that more than 40% of alopecia patients reported an increase in hair growth when they regularly rubbed lavender oil into their scalp!

The perfect scent to relax and nod off with

To get the benefits of lavender, you don’t just have to use it externally. You can also burn the essential oil through the use of scented candles and special burning oils. A number of our fragrances are infused with lavender, which brings along with it the following benefits:

– Enhanced sleep

Lavender is particularly good at helping you to nod off and is often used as an alternative treatment of insomnia. Burning the fragrance in your bedroom can help to send you to sleep and ensure a night of calm.

– Stress relief

Hands up. Who’s finding this New Year thing a little bit stressful already? With resolutions to keep to, plans to make and 101 things to keep on top of, January can be a busy and hard month. Your secret weapon? Lavender! It’s an excellent tonic for the nerves and is great for headaches, depression, tension and stress. The wonderful aroma helps to remove nervous exhaustion and restlessness while increasing cognitive function at the same time. Magic!

Where to find lavender

Because we love it you’ll find lavender in most of our fragrances, but it plays a key role in the following Melt scents:

  • Rich Cream – a woody, floral scent
  • Saddle – spicy, rich, smooth and utterly divine
  • Still – perfect for making your home that spa retreat

You can now find a new special Lavender scented candle in our fragranced candle range.

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