Say “I love you” with these perfect luxury candles

22 January 20
With love from Melt Mothers Day inspiration

Here at Melt, each of our luxury candles all have a unique personality – much like the person you’re buying for! So, whether you’re single, married, or partnered, our luxury candles are romantic, divinely boxed, and will make the perfect gift for the special someone in your life!

Did we mention, our candles smell like luxurious flowers but last much, much longer? If you aren’t sure where to start here’s a quick guide to the best Melt luxury candles for Valentine’s Day.


More candle

A bouquet of roses did you say? You can create a lasting aroma of a lush bouquet of roses with our More scented candle. This candle perfectly blends five different rose scents with violet to create a crisp, clean, and fresh scent.

Once lit, the deep red candle releases a rich rose scent that you can smell ever so lightly throughout the home. More will perfectly pair with a box of chocolates and is like a bouquet of 100 roses that will never wilt!



New love? More of a friend than a lover? Or are you not sure if the person you’re buying for enjoys floral bouquets? Then look no further than our pretty-in-pink Blush candle.

This soft, feminine candle will fill the room with a uniquely rich smell of vanilla. Blush uniquely blends a mixture of malted vanillas over a base of amber and woods. The result is a candle that smells familiar and says you care, without going over the top. It’s truly a fragrance everyone will love!


Love candle

An equally beautiful rose candle is called, Love. Our luxury Love candle smells like a full rich bouquet of roses and will make the whole room smell elegant and refined. The white candle glows softly when lit to create the perfect romantic, relaxing atmosphere that won’t contrast with your decor.

We’ve been told our luxury Love candle smells like you’re sitting in a garden of roses. This scent has the power to create and bring back happy memories — plus it pairs perfectly with a bottle of wine and a romantic dinner.


Angel candle

This heavenly fragrance is a rich, musky, and chocolatey blend that will envelop a room. The celestial blue colour of this candle all adds to the ambience created with the Angel candle. Angel is a mixture of dewberry, cassis, jasmine, rose, vanilla, patchouli, amber, and a slight hint of chocolate.

What could be more perfect for Valentine’s Day than a candle that blends jasmine, rose, vanilla and chocolate? Bring home this gorgeous scent for your loved one.


The Garden Collection Carnation

Another gorgeous flower that often compliments roses on Valentine’s Day is the carnation. Our Carnation luxury scented candle is the perfect way to honour a new love or relationship and to create a soft atmosphere in the home.

The Carnation candle is a perfect blend of the sweet floral with a hint of spice to add depth and interest.

At Melt we know selecting the best candle for you, your partner, or spouse is simply a matter of preference. And if you need help selecting the perfect candle for someone special — pop by our shop on the farm. You might see a few cute animals, take in the stunning views, and browse our luxury candles until your heart is content. We hope to see you soon!