Ruth Mastenbroek: Luxury scents not to be sniffed at!

18 September 14
Ruth Mastenbroek

It’s another week and another blog here at Melt, looking once again at one of our favourite fragrance collections, by Ruth Mastenbroek. We’re really enjoying exploring our perfume ranges, it’s been an excellent way to smell utterly divine over the past few weeks. Step into the Melt offices and you’ll think you’ve walked into a French perfumery with the waft of sweet and sensual scents lingering in the atmosphere.

Ruth Mastenbroek’s fragrance collection is produced by an English perfumer and comprises a range of luxury scents. Like most of the ranges we stock at Melt, the Ruth Mastenbroek collection is niche and exclusive.

Treat-worthy scents

Her signature perfume, entitled just Ruth Mastenbroek, is distinctive and alluring. It has fresh citrus top notes, middle notes reminiscent of flowers and woods and a gorgeously warming base. Floral fruity scents like this one evoke a sense of playful innocence and romance and are great for wearing all day long. It’s truly one of our favourite fragrances, but don’t just listen to us – the public and British press love it too! The Daily Mail selected Ruth Mastenbroek’s signature scent as one of the best luxury Christmas gifts of 2013 – and we can imagine there was some really tough competition to beat off!

Mastenbroek’s other highly acclaimed fragrance (which you’ll also find on the Melt website) is Amorosa – and boy it’s divine! The seductive scent has been created to capture the fragrance of a woman in love with life and was actually inspired by Mastenbroek’s love affair with Italy. It has top notes of watermelon and green leaves, middle notes of white flowers and heady base of amber. The fragrance just blooms on the skin and softens with time as it mixes with your natural body chemistry – becoming your own personal scent.

The dos and don’ts of preserving your Ruth Mastenbroek fragrance

With a wonderful fragrance from Ruth Mastenbroek, you’ll want to get the most of every last spray – so we thought we’d share some tips on keeping your fragrance in tip top condition!

  • Don’t store your perfume in the bathroom. Yes, we know it’s a popular place to keep your toiletries and convenient too, but the heat and humidity of the room affect the compounds of the fragrance – and there’s nothing worse than finding your special occasion scent is no longer so special!
  • With this in mind, you’ll probably be thinking the refrigerator would be the next best option. Wrong! The refrigerator is too humid too and actually no better than storing your fragrance in the bathroom!
  • Instead, keep all fragrances in a dimly lit, climate-controlled area. The perfect place would be your bedroom wardrobe, or perhaps a dressing table drawer. If stored properly, your fragrance can last for years – meaning you can splash out on your favourite scent even if you only have the intention of wearing it a few times a year. The perfect justification for your next fragrance purchase!

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