Royal baby fever hits Melt

24 July 13
melt scented candles

It’s a boy!

On Monday 22nd July, Britain welcomed the much-awaited arrival of the royal baby.

Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to a baby boy, the future heir to the throne…Both mother and child are said to be doing well.

Pregnancy is a time of many changes. Your body, emotions and family life are going to change. Here at Melt, we thought we’d help all you new mothers handle this stressful time effectively by suggesting our top 6 “New Mum Candles”.


Our best selling Angel scented candle is the perfect gift for any new mother.

If you love long walks in the countryside, this is the fragrance for you… Angel scented candles have a perfect combination of vanillas and musks, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors, indoors.

P.S. to celebrate the arrival of our blue-blooded boy we are offering all you Angel candle fans a squidgy 25% discount (for ONE week only).

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Relax and unwind with this gorgeous Eden scented candle. Resembling the fresh, “green” scent of a freshly mowed lawn, this nostalgic scent is said to be one of Britain’s favourite fragrances – the perfect gift for a new mother.


New motherhood brings joy and surprises. But being a new mother can be overwhelming and lead to a number of sleepless nights.

Bring some Joy into your life with one of our more upbeat scented candles – guaranteed to lift your mood. This sparkling citrus melody of floral notes is a happy, enthusiastic and uncomplicated fragrance.


Our blush scented candle encompasses the sweet smell of vanilla. A scent that houses a pleasant fragrance, which is said to improve your mood and sense of well being.

There are also some beautiful woody notes at the base of this fragrance, offering a warm and comforting smell – perfect for unwinding when the little one is asleep.

In The Pink…

A new baby has arrived and what better way to send your good wishes than with this perfectly light fragrance.

An exhausted new mum looking for a few minutes rest will always appreciate a beautiful scented candle.

Scented candles are truly marvellous gifts for any new mother.

Now we can’t promise you’ll get back the days where you were able to rest without any interruptions. However, this pretty and soft fragrance will allow you to reminisce on more peaceful times.