Summer Scents: How Mandarin, Rose And Lavender Affect Your Health

30 June 17
summer scents how rose lavender and mandarin affect your health feature image

Well, this is all very lovely! Continuing on from our blog a few weeks ago about how spring scents affect your health, this week we’re looking at the slightly more summery variants, given the blazing British sunshine recently. Like last time, as well as talking about the ingredients themselves, we’ve also listed a couple of suggestions for the best candles in which to find them – in case you needed a nudge in the right direction!


mandarin fruit

We’re starting off with one of the sweetest – after all, why wouldn’t we? Mandarins are known to look a lot like oranges, but the difference is that the mandarin is much smaller and sweeter than its larger cousin. It has a couple of names in various different countries and cultures. Across the pond, our American friends call it a tangerine, but personally we prefer mandarin; it practically rolls off the tongue! The mandarin’s scent has an uplifting, calming effect, and it’s known for its ability to soften feelings of nervous or anxiousness. This makes it ideal for finding a sense of peace after a long day at the office – or even just a Saturday afternoon with the kids!

We recommend: Dance, Shine


red roses

This beauty has gained the enviable nickname of ‘Queen of the Garden’ – and boy, has she earned it! We’ll come clean: rose is one of our personal favourites here at Melt, and we’ve used it in lots of our very favourite luxury scented candles. And can you blame us? Roses symbolise love and perfection, which you’ll understand for yourself once you inhale its wonderfully intense, floral scent.

Like mandarin, it’s invaluable in relieving tension and stress, which you might find especially helpful if you find the weather’s getting you all hot and bothered. Lots of people associate the scent of rose with strong positive feelings, like happiness, contentment or new beginnings.

We recommend: Love (obviously!), Neroli & Rose, Saddle


lavender plant

A hot contender for the title of Queen of the Garden, Lavender manages to nevertheless be truly majestic in its own right. The vibrant purple of its flowers are instantly recognisable to adults and children alike. It’s a deep, intensely relaxing scent. Scientific studies have found that it has amazing power as a sleep aid – the results of one such study ranked lavender-aided sleep quality as 20% better than normal.

Those benefits extend to the waking world too – many people find the scent of lavender perfect for relaxing muscles and soothing the mind, helping it to let go of daily stresses. It’s no wonder, then, that lavender has a long history of being used to treat mental health issues. Whether you’re looking for a luxury scented candle that helps you to unwind mentally or physically, we can assure you with confidence that you’ll find what you’re looking for in lavender!

We recommend: Still, Saddle, Verbana And Clary Sage

But the scents don’t stop there! We’ve got a huge range of scented candles, each as lovingly crafted as the next. Click here to browse them for yourself, or stop by our little shop on the farm in the heart of the Ribble Valley!

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