Romantic scented candles you’ll love for Valentine’s Day

12 February 19
melt feature

There’s no more romantic day of the year than February 14th, Valentine’s Day. It’s a fantastic time to reconnect with your loved one, and spend some beautiful quality time together. We personally have a lot of love for Valentine’s Day here at Melt, as you can tell by the number of scented candles we’ve created that are perfect for it! If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to set the mood for Valentine’s Day, allow us to make some suggestions…

Love Scented Candles


Let’s be honest – this first one was probably going to be obvious! Our Love handmade candle perfectly captures everything that we all adore about Valentine’s Day, and is the first choice for the traditionalists amongst you. Its distinctive scent is based on the rose, that beautiful flower which enjoys a timeless association with love and romance. We’ve blended notes of Rose Bulgaria, Rose Geranium, Rose Absolute Maroc and Bois de Rose, creating a scent that is clean, uncomplicated and with just a hint of sweetness – perfect when paired with a box of chocolates! Fittingly enough, it’s been a labour of love for our chandlers here at Melt, and if you can’t get enough of it, you might also want to take a look at our next rose-scented candle. You might have guessed its name already: yes, it’s More!

Joy Scented Candles


Above all else, Valentine’s Day is a celebration, which is part of what makes our next lovely lady so ideal for it. For the married couples amongst you, sometimes Valentine’s Day can be more of a family activity. This is where Joy comes into its element. Its lively, zesty fragrance injects a lovely sense of energy and happiness into its surroundings, creating a brilliant atmosphere for some family fun and games, or simply snuggling up altogether and watching a family film or TV show – if that’s what you’re into! In short, this luxury candle is amazing for spreading an extra bit of joy through your home on this already joyful day. It’s the wholesomeness, innocence and purity of Valentine’s Day, and that alone is enough to make it the first choice for many of our customers here at Melt!

Noir Scented Candles


Perhaps one for the adults to appreciate alone, this one! While Joy embodies the wholesomeness and innocence, Noir represents the more delicate, sensual side of Valentine’s Day. She’s perfect for setting the mood in the bedroom, creating the perfect atmosphere if you’re planning to spend some quality time together with your partner after lights out!

Of course, there’s nothing to say you have to choose only one of these luxury candles. There’s all sorts of ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day, so you can always try as many as you can! Whatever you end up choosing – whether it’s one of these or another of your time-honoured favourites – you can count on us to have the perfect scents to suit you here at Melt candles. There’s still time to visit us here at our little shop on the farm – we’d love to see you!