Reed Diffusers…How do you use yours?

20 December 13

reed diffussers

The sense of smell is a vital part of our lives, allowing you to appreciate the full flavours of perfumes, scented candles, and food and drink.

As you go through your day, try and appreciate the aromas around you. Does the smell of your morning coffee awaken you and get you moving? Are you energised during your morning run in the woods by taking in the smell of the trees? And does your stomach growl when you walk past a bakery in the morning?

Aromatherapy is about more than just the sense of smell – it impacts your feelings and health and wellbeing. It is also known for turning your mood, relieving stress and creating the right ambience.

As you know here at Melt we specialise in blending fine fragrances. From scented candles and designer perfumes to our gorgeous NEW reed diffusers. Our preferred choice of fragrance is always elegant, sophisticated, a tad refined, confident and slightly sexy! So, if you want the benefits provided by essential oils – why not try a reed diffuser.

Reed diffusers provide a pleasant fragrance and also offer one of the easiest and safest ways to enjoy the aroma of essential oils. Below are a few of our suggestions on how and where you can to use your reed diffuser:

  1. A vast majority of offices, flats, student halls, care homes and retail stores don’t allow you to burn candles. Fear not, you can enjoy the benefits of essential oils by diffusing them into the air instead.
  2. There are areas in your home that you won’t spend much too much time in, such as doorways, hallways and bathrooms – these areas are ideal spots for reed diffusers. Diffusers are also recommended for the living room and bedroom.
  3. Reed diffusers continually emit a fragrance, depending on the warmth of the room they can last between 4-6 months.

We’d love to know how you use your reed diffusers so, have your say below, or tweet us @meltcandles.