Recession-hit couples stay in with luxury scented candles

27 June 13

Instead of going out to restaurants, it seems that modern couples are now creating romantic atmospheres in the comfort of their own home.

According to the Daily Mail, figures show luxury scented candle sales were up almost 60 per cent (nearly £90m) last year, compared with 2011.

Candle manufacturers report a huge demand for luxury handmade scented candles, with sales jumping dramatically over the past three years.

Figures are expected to rise even further as people with less money make scented candles a dinner party feature.

Timothy Dunn, whose customers include Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham and Coleen Rooney, sold a massive 25,000 candles last year.

Mr Dunn said: “There is a huge surge in the popularity of candles and sales have gone through the roof.

“People want to put their own personality on their homes. Candles can say a lot about who we are and they are a good way to make a statement.

“The best scented candles are brought out at dinner parties rather like the best silver and then put away again when the visitors have gone. Dinner guests are also arriving with candles more than chocolates and flowers because they last longer.”

The British Candlemakers Federation said that candle sales were ‘bucking the economic trend’.

Brigadier Roy Wilde, honorary secretary, said: “There has been a marked growth over the last three years and sellers are saying it is because more people are staying in and that the candle has gone from a utility object to a lifestyle feature.

“They are being used more on the dinner table and this increase has given the industry a welcome 60 per cent boost.”

“Another aspect is the focus on more men cooking so they are more involved in the home. The use of aromatic candles in the bathroom, which started about 15 years ago, has also grown and remains strong.”

Sales of scented candles reached £89m in 2012, according to figures from market analysts Mintel.

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