Introducing our brand new Preserve and Protect range!

31 January 19

We believe in being kind to yourself here at Melt. It’s why we so carefully choose the ingredients that go into our range of scented candles, making sure that they’re as natural as possible, with no unnecessary artificial ingredients. We love the idea of helping our customers to have their own private spa at home, so with those same principles in mind, we’re delighted to introduce you to our brand new Preserve and Protect range of skincare products!

What’s in our new Preserve and Protect range?

As with our scented candles, we’ve been very selective in the ingredients and natural materials we’ve chosen to formulate our Preserve and Protect products. Our natural materials are made from renewable sources, and are made in small batches right here in the UK. These materials protect, support and condition your skin through their blend of naturally-derived botanicals and plant based fatty acids. The resulting formula is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E, and antioxidants, all of which are essential to keeping your skin smooth and healthy. They’re also Ph balanced so as not to affect your skin’s acid mantle; a very thin film on the surface of your skin which protects you from bacteria and viruses.

In short, we’ve done everything we can to make sure you know exactly what’s going in our Preserve and Protect range, and that it lives up to its name by helping you stay looking and feeling beautiful! We’ve chosen three of our most popular fragrances for the collection, which is made up of five brand new products:

  • Aromatic spray
  • Body cream
  • Hair and body wash
  • Hand cream
  • Hand wash

Explore our range of bath and body products in more detail!


What makes our collection different?

As experienced chandlers here at Melt we’ve come to be known for the luxurious quality and longevity of our scented candles, so we wanted to create a range that would share those qualities, as well as those wonderful fragrances that you so love! We know that, like us, lots of our customers are very careful about the sorts of products they use on their skin. This may be because of their ethics and environmental consciousness, or it could be because they have sensitive skin, or even another reason entirely.

We share those concerns here at Melt, and because of that, we’ve worked hard to make sure we steer clear of any unnecessary artificial ingredients. While parabens are becoming increasingly more well-known amongst the general public, you might not be so familiar with other ingredients like SLS or SLES. If you’re amongst those of our customers living with some form of skin condition, on the other hand, you’ll likely be all too aware of what sort of negative effects they can have on your skin!

Here’s a short list of what you can expect from our Preserve and Protect range:

100% Vegan

Our Preserve & Protect range is entirely vegan, and does not contain any animal products, any animal by-products, or animal derivatives. In our case here at Melt, it also means we’ve not tested any of our products on animals.


Although parabens have long been used as an effective preservative, recently there’s been increasing concern about exactly how beneficial they are. They can aggravate existing skin conditions like psoriasis, and they’re also known to frequently end up in waste water systems, where they can cause environmental harm. Luckily, there are several natural alternatives which are just as effective preservatives, so we simply use those instead!



You may not have heard of SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) or SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). It’s not surprising – they’re not particularly catchy! They’re closely related substances which are known as surfactants. This means they’re designed to increase the foaming action of products like soaps, shampoos and toothpastes. Don’t be fooled though – lots of foaming doesn’t necessarily mean good product performance! Like parabens, they can also both potentially irritate your skin and aggravate existing conditions, which is another major reason why prefer not to use them here at Melt.

No silicone

Silicone is a common ingredient in lots of skincare products, but often just provides short-term smoothing of your skin. It’s not as good as it’s sometimes claimed to be in hydrating and nourishing your skin, and can potentially end up trapping dirt and dead cells, which then encourage acne breakouts. Instead, we prefer to focus on much more effective butters and oils towards shea and jojoba, or actively beneficial botanicals like aloe vera.

Only recyclable bottles and packaging materials

You don’t need us to tell you that plastics remains a big problem worldwide, and living here in the heart of the Ribble Valley means we’re determined not to contribute to that sort of environmental problem. That’s why we make sure to only use polypropylene for our bottles, a common recyclable plastic which can be recycled into a variety of other products, such as mixing bowls, spatulas, and shovels – just to name a few!

This post is intended just to give you a broad overview of what’s in store for you in our Preserve and Protect range – we’ll be going into even more detail on some topics in future posts! In the meantime, why not take a look for yourself? Our Eden fragrance for Preserve and Protect is already proving to be incredibly popular, rivalling the popularity of its matching Eden scented candle. You can click here to shop online for scented candles, or just pay us a quick visit to our little shop on the farm. We’d love to see you!