From Glades To Gardens – The Perfect Settings For Your Candles

30 January 17
from glades to gardens: the perfect settings for your candles feature image

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration on how to use your Melt scented candles, we’ve got you covered! Here are just a few of our suggestions for some of our product range. We’ve grouped them by loose overarching themes, so if you already own one of the ones you read about below, you might find something else you’ll like too.

Scented candles for grass and nature

Forest and lavendar

There are few things like the thrill of the great outdoors, and there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy it. You can be camping out under the stars or wandering through the intimate closeness of a sun-dappled forest, dazzled by sunlight or drenched in rain. Our Forest scented candle captures the subtle mystery of the densest of woods; its fresh scent of resin and soft pine also evoking the inherent tranquillity of open glades. You can always go for our Eden luxury candle, with its scent of cut grass and figs imbuing it with a sense of quiet, modest beauty, smattered with just a hint of summertime.

Or if you like, it can all be a bit closer to home – sitting out in the back garden in a deckchair with a good book, basking in the scent of the homegrown plants all around you. For that, we stock a fabulously floral collection of candles that are as distinctive as they are beautiful: including Hyacinth, Lavender, Lily of the Valley and Carnation.

Candles for a celebration

two girls celebrating

We think it’s important to celebrate all the best things in life – after all, who doesn’t? – and for that we’ve got a marvellous range of candles to suit any mood. An obvious choice is our Joy scented candle – a jubilant summer floral imbued with a fresh, sparkling scent that’s sure to light up the room! If you’re having a bit of a girls night in (maybe with a bit of Cyndi on the radio), we recommend our Dance candle, for a sweet floral blend that’s full, fragrant and feminine.

On the other hand, if it’s just you and your significant other – with a glass of wine and a good dinner in hand – you’ll struggle to find better than our Love scented candle. It’s a full-bodied rosy scent with just a touch of sweetness; a universal symbol of love. Or you could go with our More candle: another rose-scented wonder, we slaved over it for years until it was perfect, making it a literal embodiment of affection and dedication – an amazing symbol in and of itself!

Allure candles

woman sat at dressing table

These candles are truly something – subtle, heady sensations that are all woman. The Nocturne and the Neroli & Rose Geranium scented candles are both shining examples of these, using soft, captivating floral scents that evoke a sexy, mysterious elegance. Meanwhile, our Noir and Violet & Black Pepper candles have an undeniable presence in any room; they’re dark, commandingly seductive fragrance with a powerful edge, but each distinct in their own understated way.

Wherever, whenever, and however you decide to use your candles – we’re just happy you enjoy them! If that’s whetted your appetite, you can browse our full range of candles here, or read our previous post with yet more suggestions. Also, don’t hesitate to call us on 01200 443412 for any questions or feedback you might have. We’re always happy to hear from you!

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