Perfect scents to get into the Halloween spirit

26 October 15
Perfect scents to get us into the Halloween spirit

There are a lot of things we love about Halloween; scaring ourselves silly, indulging in a few too many chocolates and glasses of seasonal punch, and the delicious scents of the season. Whether you’re throwing your annual Halloween party or just looking to get into the spirit of the annual event, why not make the occasion extra special with one of our seasonally scented candles?

Choosing the right smell for your home or event makes a huge impact on the overall atmosphere. The right scented product can change a dull or downright scary setting, into something exciting, enchanting and welcoming – and let’s face it, that’s exactly what the Autumn home should smell like.

The enchanting scents of Halloween

Perfect scents to get into Halloween spirit

There are a number of yummy scents and that remind us of the annual spookfest, here are just a few:

Perfect Pumpkin

Nothing says Halloween like pumpkin. Iconic, tasty and slightly sweet in flavour, it pleases all of our senses!

Seasonal Cinnamon

Perfect for all autumn’s events, spicy cinnamon really is irresistible. Ideal for all our seasonal baked delights, it smells fantastic when teamed with vanilla.

Soulful Sandalwood

If you’re looking for a scent that’s less sweet and more soulful, sandalwood should be your ingredient of choice. Deep and a little mystical, it too mixes well with vanilla for a chic, Halloween party scent.

Zesty Orange

For those trying to create the perfect party atmosphere, orange is a great choice. Bright and zesty, it’s sure to bring out the life and soul of your party.

Baked Apple

Warming and delicious; we often enjoy our baked apples with vanilla yoghurt and cinnamon. Of course, the combination of these three ingredients creates the perfect welcoming scent and atmosphere in your home.

Deep and Dark Plum

While you may not usually associate plum with Halloween, it’s one of the fruits of the season. Ideal for your date night, it can be teamed with aromatic clary sage for something dark, haunting and ever so romantic.

Fight the ghouls off with our top scented products

Perfect scents to get into the Halloween spirit

Have a happy Halloween with our winning combinations:

  1. Aubergine Scented Candles

Combining spicy cinnamon with the intriguing scent of clove and patchouli, Aubergine is total magic. There are also a few florals and the brighter scent of orange thrown in – leaving you with a candle that’s rich, earthy and spicy.

  1. Autumn Scented Candles

Halloween defined; Autumn combines all the best bits about the spookiest time of the year with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, orange and vanilla. Sweet but spicy, warm but haunting, it’s the ultimate Halloween home scent.

  1. Noir Scented Candles

Ideal for a hauntingly romantic night, Noir is one of our most sensual scents. It combines soulful sandalwood with enchanting sandalwood and clove, and is topped off with sumptuous vanilla – a winner in all our hearts.

Whatever scent you choose for your Halloween celebrations – enjoy!

What scents remind you of Halloween? Share your favourite spooky scents with us in the comments below, or tweet them to us @MeltCandles