Luxury Scented Candles Make A Perfect Christmas Gift For Her

14 September 17
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OK OK, it’s early, we know! But we’re already seeing mince pies in the shops here in the Ribble Valley, and though some of you might find it unbelievable, there are indeed lots of others amongst you who are already getting yourselves prepared! We can very much get in the spirit of the early bird here at Melt, so this week’s blog post is dedicated to helping you get ahead of the rush. Candles are a fantastic gift for ‘her’ – whether that’s your mother or your significant other – so bear with us, and we’ll tell you a bit about why!

Why She’ll Love A Luxury Scented Candle For Christmas

Christmas Scented Candles

We may be a little biased here at Melt, but we think that the best reasons to do with what makes our candles so great are all a lot to do with how personal they are. These aren’t factory-produced goods we’re talking here; each and every single one of our handmade candles is a labour of love, and we’ve poured our hearts and souls into making it the very best it can be. It’s right there in the name: luxury scented candle. The quality alone is sure to impress!

There’s more, though. Candles are very intimate gifts, in many ways. You probably wouldn’t get a scented candle for your boss, for example, or for someone you’ve just met. There’s something about a scented candle that suggests closeness and intimacy – whether familial or otherwise – which makes them a beautiful expression of affection for the recipient. And take it from us; any lady is sure to appreciate that affection! They’re especially well suited if the recipient is house proud, and that leads us onto our very next point.

Why Candles Make Wonderful Home Accents

Peace and candlelight: Celebrating the winter solstice

We talked just now about how candles are great expressions of affection, but one of the other things that makes them so brilliant is that they can be expressive of any emotion. Each one has a different feel and personality, so your gift recipient can alter the mood of her entire home to match how she feels, or style it to suit the season. She can even use her scented candles as accent colours, giving the design of her room a fascinating visual edge. Like everything else, it’s all a matter of taste!

Below are some of our suggestions for the best scented Christmas candles for her:


One of our most universally popular fragrances, and very much a safe bet if you’re stuck for choice on our huge range of candles. Personally, we think its popularity has something to do with the healthy dollop of chocolate in its base notes!


Oozing with luxury and softness, our Cashmere scented candle is a subtly enveloping, beautifully perfumed scent that mothers will just adore. If you struggled with ideas for what to get her on Mother’s Day earlier this year, you never need worry about it again!


As you can probably tell from the name, this luxury scented candle is perfect for your partner. Not only will she love it, but you can both enjoy it as you snuggle together on the sofa of an evening – especially as the nights are starting to grow longer!

Of course, you might well have your own ideas for the best candles to buy, and who would we be to say otherwise? Inspire yourself by browsing our full range here, and when the Christmas rush starts you can give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back for getting yourself organised. And if you need any extra help, don’t forget you can always give us a quick call on 01200 443377.

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