The Perfect Scented Candles For Each Room In Your Home

20 November 17
the perfect scented candle for each room in your home feature image

You may remember that it was almost exactly time last year that we published a blog looking at how to use your luxury scented candles as home accents. Well, we had a think about it, while considering some of the most common questions we sometimes get asked here at Melt, and we decided we’ve still got more to say! This week then, we’re looking at which candles amongst our range are particularly well suited for the various rooms in your house. That’s not to say they’re hard and fast rules – just a few ideas!

Cosy Scented Candles For Your Living Room

angel scented candle

Your living room is one of those areas in your house that probably sees the most traffic from visitors, friends and family, so it stands to reason that it’s one of the ones that gets tidied and spruced up the most often. A luxury scented candle or two can provide that elegant finishing touch to help your living room stay looking at its very best. The most common places are on your coffee table or mantelpiece, where the flickering flame can add a lovely dynamic to an otherwise static space.

If our experience is anything to go by, our Angel fragrance is one of the all-time favourites amongst you, but at this time of year our Christmas scented candle and Autumn scent are both lovely little ladies that find themselves in season, too!

The Bedroom’s Best Luxury Candles

noir scented candle

Where the bedroom is concerned, there are a couple of different uses you can find for your luxury scented candles. You might want to simply create a low-lit, relaxing ambience, settling you into a nicely sleepy mood ready for your nightly trip to the Land of Nod.

On the other hand, you might have other plans in mind! You can beautifully set the mood for a romantic evening in with your partner with a selection of different candles. For example, Noir and Nocturne can both give the scene a hint of mystery and sexiness – which we think you’ll find ideal for your purposes! (What’s more, the flickering of the candles can really help to set the scene, too.)

Perfect Candles For Your Bathroom Spa

blush scented candle

If the idea of having your own spa atmosphere at home intrigues you, then we’ve got good news – we’ve written a whole post on that very topic! But for your convenience, we’ll break it down to the basics; essentially, the fragrance of a room is vital to setting a relaxing ambience, and aromatherapy can have powerful effects on your mood and emotions.

For your home spa, then, we’d recommend a couple of our lighter, fluffier fragrances, like our Blush fragrance or Lavender scented candle. They’re the ideal choice for unwinding at the end of a long day!

There’s plenty more where they came from, too – you can browse our full range of luxury scented candles, and start experimenting on your home décor for yourself! Who knows what your perfect combination will be?

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