Our top scented candles to make Christmas special this year

17 December 21

The nights are dark, the Christmas lights are coming on, and the smell of cinnamon is almost everywhere. It’s that time of year again, and we couldn’t be more excited! To say we love Christmas at Melt would be an understatement. For us, it’s the perfect time to get cosy and enjoy every little moment that makes the festive season memorable, from the first sip of mulled wine to placing your favourite baubles on your Christmas tree. It’s also a brilliant time of year to light up your candles, filling your home with warm, festive scents on cold winters nights!

If you haven’t bought your luxury candles for Christmas yet, we’re here to help with our top scents. Take a look and see if any catch your eye – or nose!

Warm your nights with Burgundy

Christmas is all about warm, deep scents to keep the cold nights outside and the cosiness inside. Burgundy is the epitome of warmth, inspired by a vintage Chesterfield we owned in the Melt workshop at the very beginning of our adventure. Rich and complex, it’s the perfect candle to light when curling up in front of a log fire with a glass of red wine and a good book – Dickens’ A Christmas Carol springs to mind for a festive tale.

Add a little spice with Nutmeg & Vetiver

If you prefer a candle with a kick, you’ll just adore Nutmeg & Vetiver. Sweet and spicy, it’s a livelier fragrance that still embodies the gentle cosiness of Christmas. It also has a slightly unexpected dark, woody note that conjures up images of logs piled high next to a roaring fire, warmed by the heat and giving off a rich yet sweet scent. With the likes of orange, clove, and cedar coming together with nutmeg and vetiver in this candle, it’ll leave you feeling undeniably festive!


Get in the festive spirit with Christmas

To mention our favourite Christmas candles without mentioning Christmas itself would be utterly unforgivable! We created this scent to encapsulate everything we love about winter festivities. When lit, you should be transported to a winter wonderland of sleigh bells, snow-tipped pine trees, and the sound of children’s excited laughter. Incorporating everything Christmassy, including cinnamon, orange, vanilla and plenty of warming spices, if the 25th of December was a candle, this would be it.

Envelop yourself in Angel

Angel is our number 1 recommendation if you’re looking for a scent you can’t go wrong with. It’s a best-seller at Melt and has been for years! We think that might have something to do with the sweet chocolate oil we add to this blend and because it’s a little different from other Christmas candles. Be guided to a serenity of calm by your own angel when you light this candle, whilst the sweet scents of rose, vanilla, and jasmine fill your home.

Any of these scents will be perfect for the Christmas season, so you really can take your pick of the bunch! Or, take a look at our entire range of Christmas candles for more options, and pop into our Shop on the Farm to experience the fragrances for yourself. We can’t wait to see you!

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