Our top 4 favourite Springtime scents for 2021

27 May 21

There’s lots to love about Springtime – it’s certainly one of our favourite seasons here at Melt Candles! In fact, we love the Spring so much that it’s served as the key inspiration for more than one of our luxury scented candles here at our little shop on the farm. This week, we thought we’d share four of our favourite Springtime scents from our range – so you can get a little more spring in the air around your own home!


Joy is such an important part of the Spring season. The dreary, heavy weather of winter can leave a lot of us feeling a bit down and glum for the first part of the year, so the Spring sunshine brings an undeniable sense of joy. That’s exactly what we’ve tried to capture with our Joy luxury scented candle, encapsulating all the happiness of a dawning season in which sunlight reigns supreme. That sense of happiness permeates our Joy scented candle from the inside out, from its spirit-lifting scent right down to its cheerful colour, which puts one in mind of daisies waving gently under the sun.


Need a bit of zing to kickstart your day? We think you’ll love Shine. It’s a candle that beautifully embodies those fresh citrus vibes, making it sharp, sweet and vibrant. Our expert chandlers worked hard to get that balance right here at Melt, with the zesty notes of the grapefruit offset by the essential oil Armoise, which adds some substance and depth while still allowing you to enjoy that clean, bright, highly distinctive scent.


That’s the thing about the joy of Springtime – it just makes you want to get up and dance! And whatever your taste in music, there’s no better companion for you than Dance. She’s replete with full, feminine florals, making her a true delight to have around. (Plus, let’s be honest, over the past year or so we’ve all been a little more starved of dances than we normally would be!) Whether you’re getting ready to hit the town, or you’re just enjoying getting your jobs down around the house of an afternoon, Dance is a wonderful one to have by your side.


Can’t get enough of the outside world? We think Eden will be the one for you. It’s a perfect encapsulation of what’s beautiful about our natural surroundings – especially if you live in an Area of Outstanding Beauty just like us! We chose the name Eden very carefully, as we think this candle evokes so many amazing things about nature, from the quiet early-morning walks through dewy fields, to the crack of twigs under your feet as you explore a sun-dappled forest. With its soft and refreshing blend of herbs, spices and natural woods, Eden proves that every once in a while, it’s pretty easy being green!

These are just some of our own personal favourites, of course; you might well have one or two of your own! Whichever ones take your fancy, you can always find them right here on our website. Alternatively, feel free to visit us in person here at our Little Shop on the Farm – we’d always love to see you!