Our Secrets To A Relaxing Night’s Sleep

5 September 17
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It’s no secret that we at Melt love the British summertime, and it can make for some beautiful sights especially here, in the heart of the Ribble Valley. But when you’ve got work tomorrow, and you’re tossing and turning on a hot summer night, it can end up costing you quite a few of your forty winks. We understand that all too well, so this week we’re on hand with a couple of handy tips on how to keep yourself cool on summer nights.

Cooling Down The Room

opening windows

We’ve got a couple of scented candle suggestions for you which we think you’ll love, but first thing’s first. Naturally, the very first thing you’ll want for a comfortable bedroom is a comfortable breeze. Lots of people like to leave a window open to achieve this, but depending on the temperature outside, this method can have a spotty success rate! An electric fan is another good alternative, and if you’re feeling creative you can place several frozen water bottles in front of it, cooling the air as it passes by them. Another wonderfully creative method is to hang freshly dampened towels in various spots around your room. The air will cool from the water evaporating off them, saving you the electricity costs or battery power of a fan, although it’ll take a little while longer to cool you down.

While you’re at it, swap out your silk and synthetic sheets for 100% cotton options. They’re more breathable, which makes them far better at keeping you cool. Believe or not, they’re even more effective than going…ahem, as God intended. Natural fabrics actively draw sweat away from your body, helping to keep you more comfortable than you would be if you just went au naturel. Strange but true! Planning ahead, keeping the shades down or curtains drawn will help keep the room from getting too hot when you’re out at work too, leaving it lovely and cool for when you get back.

Chill Yourself Out

 take a cool shower

Getting into bed after you’ve had a long, difficult day can make it tricky to fall asleep immediately. The magic remedy in this case is often simply a cool shower. You’d be amazed at what it can do for how you feel both mentally and physically, and you can slip between the covers feeling refreshed, making all the difference to how easily you can go to sleep.

Good sleep hygiene is also really important to getting a good night’s rest. That means it’s best to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and glowing screens for at least an hour before bed. Similarly, your diet plays more of a part than you might think – big meals take a lot of your body’s energy to digest, potentially keeping you awake long into the night as your metabolism processes your meal. Lighter meals like salads – or even simply smaller portion sizes – can calm your body down, preparing you for a deep, restful sleep.

The Perfect Scented Candles To Send You Off

We pride ourselves on having a broad range of scents here at Melt, which means that many of our candles are seasonal. While scents like Dark Wood and Autumn are fascinating in their own way, they’re a little heavy for the summer season. Our lovely ladies Dance and Joy are much better suited, but they’re still more of the get-up-and-go variety.

Instead, we’d recommend scents like Blush or White for the perfect summer evening. They’re soft and snuggly, but they’re light enough to meld beautifully with the summer air, making them ideal bedtime companions.

You can browse our full range of scented candles here, or you can keep basking in the summer vibe by reading our blog on the 5 things we love most about summer.

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