Our recipe for the perfect relaxing evening

26 October 16
Our recipe for the perfect relaxing evening

Scheduling in a carefree, chill out evening is more important than you might think. With our busy lives and day-to-day stresses, it’s important to unwind in order to stay health and happy. At Melt, we believe that you should come first – which is why our product range is full of treats you deserve. From our luxury scented candles to our divine bathing milks, we’ve got plenty of products to help you relax.

Light up a luxury scented candle

First things first, light up one of our dusk candles to help you relax and unwind. Within the Melt Candles collection, we have a variety of scrumptious evening scents made up of the best relaxing essential oils.

For a warm and cosy evening, choose our Aubergine scented candles – our signature evening scent for autumn. Best paired with a glass of red wine or mulled wine; this rich, earthy, spicy scent is guaranteed to make you feel all warm inside.

If you’re looking for something soft and snuggly, choose our Blush candle range. Ideal for cosy nights in front of the TV and snuggling with your other half, Blush is comforting, soft and powdery.

For an evening that’s completely calm and tranquil, wind down with our Nocturne candles. With this elegant scent, featuring ingredients such as clove, amber and sandalwood, you’ll be chilled out (and maybe even nodding off) in no time at all.

Got a dinner date planned? Get out our sultry after-dark scent Noir, designed for romance. The sensual fragrance combines oriental ingredients like bergamot and patchouli with sweet vanilla, helping you to relax and say goodbye to all those inhibitions.

If you’ve had a tough day and are desperately in need of a spa day, you need our Still scented candle in your life. With notes of geranium, lavender and rose, it’s oh so soothing and relaxing – allowing all those troubles to drift away.

Run a warm bubble bath

When you’re feeling tired, stressed out or overworked, a lovely hot bath can help you to unwind. Don’t settle for a half-hearted dip though; fill your bathtub with soft bubbles and treat yourself to luxury pampering products from our Body range. We recommend Somerset Blooms and Dr Hauschka. Don’t forget to take your scented candles with you!

Snuggle up on the sofa

The rest of your evening can be spent in the lounge, snuggled up in your comfiest nightwear and snuggliest slippers. If a glass of wine helps, make sure you have a good bottle to hand otherwise, a good cup of cocoa also works. Pop on a light-hearted movie and forget the stresses of your day –making sure you put all your other electronic devices (including your mobile phone) away.

Get an early night

Make sure you have a complete digital detox before bedtime. Ideally, you’ll have at least 30 minutes technology-free before switching out the lights. During this time, we recommend getting stuck into a good book – preferably chic lit or something easy to read; you don’t want your mind to be too active.

If you find the relaxing part easy and the getting up part difficult, why not try one of our zesty and enlivening candles? Joy’s ingredients include citrus florals and woods – perfect for getting you up and out of bed.

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