Our luxury Christmas candle gift-guide 2019

27 November 19
Christmas gifts

Our Christmas lights are up, our bobble hats have arrived, and our woolly socks are on display! Suffice to say, we’re fully in the Christmas spirit here at Melt.

This year we thought we’d do something a little different to help you find the perfect Melt fragrance for a housewarming party, a couple, a friend, a family member, or a loved one.

Men and women typically love all of our Melt creations, but if you’re finding it difficult to decide, here’s some gift inspiration!

For someone special

This time of year is packed with parties, social gatherings and visiting your favourite local places! The perfect gifts for friends and family tend to be the ones that are reminiscent of happy times, that bring joy, and create an inviting, welcoming atmosphere. These candles have a special place in our hearts and can create a lasting feeling of home.


Our Christmas candle is spicy and festive – the perfect winter fragrance! You can almost hear the sleigh bells ring as the sharp cinnamon takes over. It’s quickly followed by an intense blend of clove and nutmeg that is softened by vanilla and spices. Lastly, a crisp and invigorating orange cuts through to create a balanced and beautiful Christmassy fragrance.

Christmas Scented Candles


The Burgundy candle is a fresh, intense, and elegant fragrance – it’s the perfect blend of carnation, rose, prune, and apricot. You only need this candle, a comfy old leather chair, blazing log fires, and a good book. It’s easy to see why so many of our customers love this scent for autumn and winter months!

burgundy scented candle

Nutmeg and Vetiver

The Nutmeg and Vetiver candle creates an enchanting and delicate fragrance you won’t find anywhere else. The gentle spice, combined with the lush woody notes, creates an inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for any occasion.

nutmeg and vetiver

For Her

Add a sense of femininity, joy and sophistication to any room with these ultra-chic and heavenly luxury candle fragrances. These invigorating candles are a true symbol of love, a celebration of strong women, and are a perfect encapsulation of the summer air that will instantly impress the recipient.


The Dance candle is one of our favourites and combines lily, jasmine and gardenia into stunning and energetic floral you’ll love! If you’re looking for a strong, confident, and heady candle that is an absolute delight — look no further.


Our More candle is for a special person you’d love to give a full bouquet of exotic roses to. The recipient of this candle will adore the romantic, clean, and exquisite fragrance that blends rose oils from all over the world. Pick one up today for your someone special!

More candle


If you’re buying for an exceptionally upbeat person we highly recommend our Joy candle. The candle is an exuberant mixture of rose, lily, iris that elegantly blends with the luxurious musk base to create a sparkling citrus fragrance. Our Joy candle will definitely put a smile on the face of whoever receives it.


For Him

We picked these candles from our selection because they embody sophistication and could easily pair with a cigar and a glass of Old Fashioned! These earthy and unmistakable fragrances are perfect for the man in your life.


Our Saddle candle is the perfect country house fragrance! It’s a classy choice that creates a powerful atmosphere with its spicy, fierce, and harmonious aroma. You’ll notice right away the unmistakable fragrance of cedar that smoothly blends with the earthy moss, sandal, amber and patchouli.

saddle scented candle

Verbena & Clary Sage

We find both men and women are attracted to the Verbena & Clary Sage candle. According to some of our happy customers, this fragrance is what you’d expect a refined celebrity like Hugh Jackman to smell like. (There’s almost no higher praise!) Many of our customers love the complex notes of clary sage, especially when it blends with white cedar and moss.


With a strong name like Phoenix, what’s not to love? The Phoenix candle is a combination of all the offcuts of wax that’s been whizzed back to the melters to “rise from the ashes”. It’s a candle that’s defined by its individuality – while we can’t exactly describe the scent of the candle, it’s unmistakable and distinctive, and that makes it a perfect choice for the Phoenix in your life!

From the ashes rises a Phoenix

At Melt, we know choosing the right candle for the person on your Christmas list will largely rely on personal tastes and preferences. And if you need help selecting a candle for someone special — swing by our shop on the farm! You can see some animals, take in the beautiful views, and browse our luxury scented candles for everyone on your Christmas list. We hope to see you soon!