Our luxurious Mother’s Day candle gift-guide

19 February 20
With love from Melt Mothers Day inspiration

Our luxury scented candles have a unique personality all of their own and are the perfect gift to give your mum this year!

Whether your mum is a trend setter, traveller, avid baker, master chef, or career woman we’ve got a candle to suit her — here are some of our most popular!


Lovely Lancashire Lavender, is there anything better in spring? Bring home this light and balanced fragrance for your mum!

For this light, softly enveloping candle we source high-quality ingredients from right here in the heart of Lancashire. The lavender is beautifully complemented with a soft hint of eucalyptus, making this candle a perfect choice for elegant, chic mums who don’t shy away from the classics.

The Garden Collection: Lavender


Speaking of chic, our comforting Cashmere candle has a rich warmth to it and is the perfect way to thank your mum for always being there for you!

This candle has elegant notes of bergamot, peach, jasmine, muguet and rose that sits delicately on a bed of amber, cedar, and sandalwood. Combine that with a deep musk and vanilla, and you have one of the most luxurious candles in our range.

Cashmere is the perfect candle to complement any stunning home or room and is ideal for all sophisticated women!

cashmere luxury scented candle


If your mum is the type of person who doesn’t shy away from new experiences, loves summer, and enjoys a laugh — we highly recommend our Dance candle. Dance is for strong souls who enjoy crisp and powerful fragrances.

Our beautiful and vibrant Dance candle is perfect for hot days, warm nights or for bringing the scent of summer into any room. The fragrance is a mixture of “hothouse” flowers including stunning lily, jasmine, gardenia complemented by fruits like peach, blackcurrant and mandarin. The base notes of smooth sandalwood and musk give this candle a deep anchoring to nature. Just what we like!

Rich Cream

The timeless, sophistication of our Rich Cream candle appeals to a wide range of mums and can make any room smell enchanting! Some of our customers have said this candle smells “of a hug” which makes it a perfect gift for your mum on Mother’s Day.

Rich Cream has a unique blend of bergamot, lemon and spices, crisp eucalyptus, lavender and geranium over a base of woods, patchouli and musk.


rich cream fragrance

At Melt, we know selecting the best luxury candle for you mum is no easy task and if you need help or want to smell these (and more) in person — feel free to pop by our shop on the farm! We’d love to see you soon!