Our favourite summer fragrances in 2019

28 June 19

From the mood-enhancing sunshine to the arguably exotic heat, there’s all sorts to love about summer here in the UK. Here at Melt, though, one of the things we love most is all the new sensory sensations it brings! There are all sorts of uniquely summery scents to fall in love with at this time of year, not least from our own wonderful luxury scented candles. We reveal some of our favourites below!

Freshly cut grass

You might not know this, but cut grass actually ranks as amongst the top three in the UK’s favourite smells alongside baking bread and cooking bacon, and it’s something we get the pleasure of experiencing from time to time here at our little shop on the farm. It’s a reminder of the beauty of nature, of prosperity and even new beginnings. It probably doesn’t hurt that mowing the lawn can itself be quite a cathartic activity, leaving it looking beautiful for some summertime relaxation. Apparently, the scent of cut grass is actually the result of a rush of chemicals which the grass uses to heal itself, and prevent any bacterial infections once it’s been cut. Oh, er… that’s actually quite dark. Moving swiftly on!

The smell of the sea

Now here’s something we don’t get to experience a lot of here in the lush green Ribble Valley! There’s nothing quite like the fresh, salty smell of the sea, especially for those of us in the UK who live further inland. When the sun comes out each summer, masses of us travel to the sandy beaches on our island’s fringes, for distinctly British days out. Candy cane stripes, fish and chips and the dash of water against the pebbles, or washing against the sand… wonderful! It’s almost enough to make you forget about the terrible sunburn…


Food on the barbecue

Famously, the sun we get here in the UK is pretty limited compared to other countries, so like seaside days out, we’ll put on a barbecue any chance we get! No wonder, too – not only is it mouth-watering food (the vegetarian options, too!), but it’s also a lovely family activity. Who’s to say you can only have big family gatherings on Christmas? Getting the grill out in June and July is a fantastic opportunity, too!

Summertime scented candles

You probably knew this one was coming! Just like our customers, we love our candles here at Melt, and there are one or two in particular that are just absolutely perfect for the summer. There’s a reason we call this lovely little lady Dance – her blend of hot house scents of Lily and Jasmine means she’s just full to the brim full of bouncy energy, perfect for getting active in the sunshine! On the other hand, you might even prefer Shine – her zesty grapefruit notes give her a real zing, a wonderful get-up-and-go scent for when you’re feeling productive in the increased natural light, or alternatively relaxing in the sunshine!

We’ve got lots more besides on our shelves here at Melt, not to mention all the other options you can find right here on our website! Why not take a look around, and see which of our candles might become your own new summertime favourite?