Our Favourite Scents For The Festive Season

8 December 17
our favourite scents for the festive season feature image

It’s not long to go now until one of the biggest holidays on our national calendar…that’s right, it’s Christmas! We’re already incredibly excited about it here at our little shop on the farm, and we’ve got some ideal luxury scented candles for the Christmas season, too. This week on the blog we’re turning a spotlight on our top two, the little ladies that have been waiting all year for their time to shine! So, without further ado, allow us to introduce…

Our ‘Christmas’ Luxury Scented Candle

christmas scented candle range

Our Christmas scented candle is everything you’d expect from a scented candle that shares its name with the celebration. It shares many of the same ingredients as our Autumn scented candle, which we examined in detail a few weeks ago. The elements of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg all give it a wonderfully warming feel, like chestnuts over an open fire. We’ve delicately blended them with a few added spices, which strengthen this scented candle’s festive feel.

It’s not hard to sum up what our Christmas scented candle represents. It’s the very essence of the jolly, festive spirit. It embodies the celebration, the feeling of family and coming together, the laughter and the excitement, and the time you share together. In short, it’s the unmistakeable scent of Christmas. Many of our customers love using it in their living rooms to start bringing the festive spirit into their homes as December dawns, and the advent calendars start opening!

Our ‘Noel’ Luxury Scented Candles

noel scented candle

Our Noel fragrance is a slightly different – but no less treasured – take on the Christmas season. It’s a more subtle scent, evoking a sense of comfort and security; which is largely thanks to the woody undertones of resin and soft pine from its core ingredients. One such ingredient is sandalwood, which helps to calm and focus the mind. It’s enhanced further by the note of Pine underneath, which combines with the note of oakmoss to produce a green, woody, earthy scent; the comforting smell of a Christmas tree.

As the more reserved cousin of our ‘Christmas’ candle, Noel captures the feeling of those beautifully quiet moments about Christmas: a small tipple in your hand as you slowly fall asleep in front of the fire, snuggling up in an armchair as you listen to the crunch of snow outside, or holding a loved one’s hand as you watch TV together, the dog curled up and snoozing at your feet. You might find Noel embodies that same sense of calm wonder that many of us associate with the classic Nativity story.

If you asked us to choose between them, most of us couldn’t possibly say – we love them both equally! We suppose that once again, it all comes down to the mood you want to create for your home. We’ve got no shortage of scents to accompany them either – you can take your pick from our full range of candles!

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