Nutmeg: everything you need to know

7 December 15
Nutmeg everything you need to know

Over the last year we’ve been sharing lots of scent secrets with you, featuring popular Melt ingredients. Today it’s the turn of nutmeg, one of our favourite winter spices and scents, perfect for your home in the festive season. Whether added to your Christmas cookies or burned in a scented candle, the delicate spice is full of fantastic benefits…

Nutmeg everything you need to know

  1. Pain relief

Feeling those aches and pains now that the colder weather has begun to settle in? Nutmeg oil is very useful for treating muscular and joint pain as it is an excellent sedative. It’s also anti-inflammatory, so massaging nutmeg oil into the affected area is an effective treatment for arthritis, rheumatism, and lumbago.

  1. Indigestion

We all like to indulge a little during the festive season, but who would have thought that a seasonal ingredient could in fact be a cure? Nutmeg oil is great for digestion and helping to relieve stomach aches. It also removes gas from the stomach and intestines, another common problem with the rich and plentiful food at Christmas. Perhaps that’s an excuse to tuck into another nutmeg cookie then?

  1. Blood Circulation

Nutmeg oil is a good stimulant, not only for the mind, but also for the rest of the body. Its relaxing aroma comforts the body, increases blood circulation and therefore helps those who have poor blood circulation. As blood circulation is essential for healing injured muscles, it’s another great reason to invest in a little pot of the oil!

  1. Enhanced Sleep 

With all the stresses of Christmas, sleeping might just be the bottom of your priorities. While many of us struggle to get a good night’s sleep during stressful times of the year, essential oils such as nutmeg oil can help. Nutmeg works by stimulating the brain and therefore removing mental exhaustion and stress. It is also believed that nutmeg oil improves the quality of your dreams, making them more intense and colourful!

Where to find nutmeg

Nutmeg everything you need to know

If you fancy bringing the scrumptious scent of nutmeg to your home, and reaping the benefits of this fabulous oil, why not invest in one of our nutmeg-infused scented candles.

Autumn Scented Candles, the perfect fragrance for this time of year, is rich, warm and cosy – guaranteed to set you up for a perfect night’s sleep. Combined with other seasonal favourites including cinnamon, vanilla and spice, it’s also guaranteed to make your home smell extra special too!

Nutmeg and Vetiver Scented Candles is one of our more elegant, grown up scents, perfect for those who don’t want anything too fancy. Its gentle spice, combined with elegant, woody warmth, brings a welcoming touch to your home without being too overwhelming.

Both of these fine scented candles are available to buy in a variety of shapes and sizes. They’re ideal for warming up your home this winter, or for giving to friends and family this Christmas.

Are you a fan of nutmeg? If so, tell us how you’ll be using it during the festive season in the comments below, or tweet your responses to us @MeltCandles