New to Melt: The Garden Range

24 May 16
New to Melt The Garden Range

At Melt, we’ve just had a batch of new arrivals. We’ve added not just one, but five fantastic fragrances to our scented candle range. What’s more, they’re available in all different shapes and sizes too – meaning it’s even easier to find the perfect one for your home. So, without further ado, let us introduce the Garden Range…

Just in time for summer, the Garden scented candle Range is made up of a collection of sumptuous floral scents. Each one boasts its own personality and is full of aromatherapy goodness. With so much to love, you might want to try all five!

Be enchanted by the magic of Wisteria

The first is our new Wisteria scented candles, the enchanting, pretty flower that smells as gorgeous as it looks. Expect a sweet, heady scent filled with creamy, warming vanilla. It’s guaranteed to make any space feel fresh and fragrant and is the kind of scent that only needs to be burned for a while to fill a room with goodness.

Wisteria flower petals


Go to the dark side with Carnation

If you want something that mixes a bit of sweet with a touch of spice, why not try Carnation scented candles? Its spicy, pepper notes mean this scented candle has more depth than your usual floral scent. We’d recommend Carnation for date night; the oriental fragrance and feel of the candle is sure to cast the right mood.

Carnation flower


Embrace a floral wonderland with Hyacinth

Our Hyacinth scented candles are probably the polar opposite of Carnation. Undeniably sweet, it’s bound to make your home smell beautiful. As with Wisteria, we promise a bold, powerful scent that jumps out at you and puts a real spring in your step. Pop in your hallway for the ultimate welcome.

 Hyacinth flower

Relax with Lavender

When compiling scents for our new range of luxury scented candles, we couldn’t forget our Lavender scented candle range. As well as smelling delightful, the popular fragrance also boasts a huge number of aromatherapy properties you’ll love. Pop on in times of stress or anxiety or incorporate into your evening routine.

Lavender flower

Fall for the charm of Lily of the Valley

Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to welcome Lily of the Valley scented candles to our collection. It’s definitely the ‘lady’ of all our scents – sophisticated, timeless, and wonderful. The great thing about this floral delight is it sits slap bang in the middle – it’s neither too sweet nor too dull. The result is a crisp, clean, and bright scent that’s perfect for absolutely any occasion. In fact, it might just be our favourite!

Lily of the Valley flower

All these new gorgeous scents join more than a dozen others in our ever-growing luxury scented candle collection. To test one out, why not try our Travel Candle, priced at £8.95? You’ll still get 22 hours of burn time for that price. For those fully committing types, we’ve got our Tall & Fat sized candle. With 36 hours of burn times, you’ll have an excuse to use it every night!

Which of our new scented candles are top of your wishlist? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles