Nature’s finest: Amber, Pine and Oakmoss

31 August 15
melt blog nature's finest scents: amber, pine and oakmoss

Struggling to come to terms with that fact that our British summer may well be over? If the thought of the changing season fills you with dread, nature’s finest scents may just be able to make the move from summer to autumn that little bit easier. A little helping hand from a seasonal scented candle, infused with the best essential oils, can put you in the mood for the weeks ahead – as you embrace all the best bits about autumn and winter.

Fragrance #1: Amber

melt blog natures finest amber essential oil

Derived from ancient pine trees, amber gives off a gorgeous earthy and woody aroma. One of the beauties about this essential oil is its ability to work with other scents – which is why you’ll find it in so many of our scented candles.

Amber is also known to bring a whole lots of health benefits with it too. From skincare to spicing up our love lives – there’s a lot to like about this scent.

Fragrance #2: Pine

melt blog natures finest pine essential oil

If forest walks and putting up your Christmas tree are two of your favourite things about the season, you’ll love the fragrance of pine. While it may appear to be a fairly powerful scent, it can actually be used safely for a wide variety of medical purposes.

Pine is often used in skincare products and can also be used to boost the metabolism, and help with stress disorders and respiratory problems.

Fragrance #3: Oakmoss

melt blog natures finest oakmoss essential oil

Just as you’d expect, this wonderful fragrance comes from the oak tree, and the main producer of this essential oil is France.

Ideal for massage treatments, Oakmoss is known to have restorative properties. It’s also great for injuries, serving as an antiseptic and soothing irritated or inflamed areas.

Where to find nature’s finest scents in our scented candle range

  1. Aubergine Scented Candles

Make the move from summer to autumn simple with the warm and floral scent of Aubergine. Featuring all those smells that we love about the season – from amber to cinnamon and mandarin – it’s perfect for this time of the year.

  1. Saddle Scented Candles

Snuggle up with one of our spiciest and richest scents yet, which features the warming fragrances of moss, amber and patchouli. Just add a good book and roaring fire for the perfect night in.

  1. Forest Scented Candles

Take in the scent of the pine tree with this forest-inspired scented candle, featuring pine and oakmoss. Just like the smell of that welcoming, magical Christmas tree, Forest turns your home into a charming rural retreat.

  1. Noel Scented Candles

Don’t be afraid to welcome the spirit of Christmas into your home too early. With a warm and welcoming scent like Noel – which features sandalwood, pine, oakmoss, vanilla and strawberry – there will be no complaints about lighting this candle in September!

  1. White Scented Candles

To embrace the season in a more subtle way, opt for one of our favourite scented candles, especially our Christmas scented candle range, White. While featuring warming amber, the overall fragrance is gentle and soft with tones of sweet musk and vanilla.

Have you tried any of our nature-inspired scents? If so, why not tell us what you thought of them in the comments below? Alternatively you can tweet your thoughts to us @MeltCandles