Have a Melty Mothers’ Day

26 February 14


Here at Melt, we know just how important mums really are! From wiping your tears as a child to supporting you through big decisions later in life, a loving mum is something to be cherished.

We’ve put together a collection of Mothers’ Day candles that we think would make the perfect gift for your lovely mum on March 30th.

Try our ‘heaven scent’ Angel scented candles

Still our number one best-selling fragrance, our Angel luxury scented candles are a treat that will delight any mum this Mothers’ Day.

Enriched with layers of sweet dewberry, vanilla and cassis, aromatic patchouli and amber, and fragrant rose and jasmine, our Angel scented candles even have a generous dollop of rich chocolate oil in their base-notes that’s guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

A warm, comforting fragrance, Angel evokes memories of being wrapped up safe and sound – whether in a soft cashmere blanket or a loving embrace.

Relax and unwind with our Still scented candles

We all know how hard mums can work, so our Still luxury scented candles are the ideal way to introduce a moment of peace into your mother’s daily life. A true ‘spa’ fragrance, Still can stop you in your tracks and help you to relax, enveloping you in the calm, level, grounded feeling that most of us crave but rarely achieve.

A sensual, aromatic fragrance, Still combines herby lavender and rosemary with fresh geranium and mellow chamomile, all tucked under a subtle layer of refreshing eucalyptus and zingy mint. A truly arresting scent.

Cosy up with our Hush scented candles

A soft and gentle fragrance that embodies maternal warmth and femininity, our Hush scented candles are so easy for anyone to get along with – a comforting presence that will add a touch of calm to your home.

With the fresh scents of peach and pineapple, the peppery florals of karo-karounde, lily and orris root, and the balancing, earthy notes of patchouli, cedar, moss and amber, our hush luxury scented candles are a timeless classic and the perfect Mothers’ Day candle.

Don’t worry, be happy with our Joy scented candles

The perfect scented candle for a spring morning, our Joy handmade candles live up to their name, livening up a space with their rich floral heart and dazzling citrus overtones.

A truly wonderful mum is an unparalleled joy in life, and so our joy fragrance captures that true happiness with vibrant citrus over a rich and complex centre of rose, lily and iris.

Embrace fabulous florals with our Neroli and Rose Geranium scented candles

Our handmade candles scented with ultra-feminine neroli and rose geranium are food for the soul. Elegant, lady-like and perfectly balanced, these beautiful scented candles capture a sense of understated glamour and deeply seductive confidence.

A perfect addition to any mum’s dressing table, our Neroli and Rose Geranium luxury scented candles release a rich, creamy scent, with top notes of sunny orange flower, uplifting sweetpea and freesia, and heart notes of rose, solar accord and jasmine.

Finally a delicately balanced base of cedarwood and vanilla, for a fragrance that will linger long after the flame goes out.

Can’t decide on the right Mothers’ Day candles for your mum?

While all of these gorgeous scented candles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes (including our stunning luxury glass jars, which add an extra special something) we know it can be hard to choose just one or two!

Luckily for you, our scented candle taster box is still on offer – just £27.50 plus p&p for five of our wonderful Mothers’ Day candles. We’ll hand pour each candle of your choice into one of our small glass jars, and your mum can enjoy our lovely ivory wax candles for up to 25 hours each.

So go on, make it a Mothers’ Day she won’t forget!