Melt Dad’s heart on Father’s Day!

11 May 14


Scribble down the 15th  June in your diary: Father’s Day is just around the corner and we’re already excited at the prospect of helping you hunt out that perfect gift.

Like you, we want to show dads how grateful we are for their support throughout our childhoods (a shoulder to cry on and a cost-effective taxi service! ;)). But while it can be easy to pick something for Mother’s Day (here’s a few handy starting points if you want to prepare super early for next year!), Dads are much trickier – unless you can afford to splash out thousands on gadgets or a new shed!

Well, fear not! We’ve put our heads together and come up with five stellar gifts that Dads will love, from masculine fragrances to luxury scented candles for men, so you can rest easy no matter what kind of Dad you’re buying for. Phew!

Saddle up boys, its scented candle time!

Our Saddle scented candle is definitely our most masculine Melt on offer, and always a popular first port of call for customers who are looking for scented candles for men. We love the combination of woody notes like Sandal, Cedar and Oakmoss, with spicier tones that warm up the overall aroma.

Wood-based scents are the usually the core components in men’s cologne and they work to ground any scent with masculine earthiness and warmth. So if you think Dad might be a little unsure about luxury scented candles, Saddle’s smooth manliness is a great place to start – its depth and sophisticated power is bound to win him over!

How about a walk in the Forest?

The Forest scented candle continues on our woody theme, taking it in the fresh, clean direction of fragrant pine and soft resin. Forest scented candles are a great idea for a study and will lend any space the tranquillity of the great outdoors.

There are notes of Oakmoss, a lovely earthy aroma that really freshens up any candle – think morning dew in a misty garden, and a touch of vanilla to lighten the overall scent, making this candle absolutely perfect for an adventurer-type Dad who loves to get out into great forested wildernesses!

Try the warm spices of Nutmeg & Vetiver

For something a bit warmer, why not try our fabulous Nutmeg and Vetiver scented candle? The predominance of wood notes keeps the overall aroma manly enough for even the toughest Dad while the addition of festive spices adds a twist of seasonal fun into the mix.

Here, our woody notes are Guauiac, Cedar and Sandal: tones that complement each other while also serving as a solid, grounding base for clove, nutmeg and orange to accent the overall aroma. A few of our customers tell us it’s just like relaxing around a log fire, sipping a hot toddy and getting stuck into a good book – and which dad wouldn’t love that?!

So if your Dad is a fireside-type, happy to relax after chopping up wood for the stove, then the Nutmeg and Vetiver is the one for him!

Fragrance from Musgo Real

Here at Melt, we’ve got a fabulous range of lush fragrances available for men and women – perfect if you wanted to complement your Father’s Day scented candle with a little special cologne and really make him smile.

Musgo Real’s timeless fragrances are classically masculine, with fragrance lines based around traditional scents like Oakmoss, Orange Amber, and Spiced Citrus. Dad will definitely appreciate the time-honoured traditions of these Portuguese artisans – they’ve been making fragrances for men since 1887!

Fragrance from Creed

Creed have a similar pedigree as Musgo Real, but you’ll find their scents at the higher end of the price range. We love the sophisticated smokiness of Bois du Portugal, with Vetiver, Cedar and Sandalwood as the principle tones in this aroma.

A nice, long-lasting and high-quality Eau de Cologne is a great sign of appreciation and a lovely way to say thank you – perfect for those of you with a little more money to spend on your old man and really let him know how you feel.

Dad’ll melt when he gets hold of one of our scented candles!

If you think you could sway your Dad with a scented candle (or perhaps he’s already a fan?) then have a go at one of the fragrances above. A good idea is to look out for woody notes and fresh citrus fruits as these smell gorgeous without being too girly.

As we’ve mentioned before, quite a few of our candles come with masculine touches –– so with the huge range of luxury candles available there’s bound to be something perfect for every Dad.

Is your dad a Melt fan yet? Which fragrance do you think he’d like best? Tell in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles!