The Perfect Scented Candles For Father’s Day

14 June 17
mandles the perfect scented candles for fathers day feature image

Wow, Father’s Day crept up on us! If it crept up on you too, don’t worry – we’ve got your back here at Melt. You might not think that luxury scented candles were something traditionally for men, but boy, have we got something to prove you wrong. Allow us to once again introduce: Mandles! (Candles for men, but we’re sure you probably caught that.) Struggling to pick them out amongst our range? No problem – we’ve done that for you!

Our Saddle Candle Range

saddle scented candle

Undoubtedly the most popular masculine candle amongst our range, this is the go-to gift to introduce your dad or husband to the delights of luxury scented candles. We’ve crafted it to be spicy, rich and smooth all at once; it’s a perfect living room companion, especially well into the night with a trusty book at your side (and maybe a cheeky glass of whiskey on the table).

Everyone needs a bit of alone time now and again, and our Saddle fragrance is definitely the one your dad needs. Ingredients like geranium, rose and lily all give it a luxuriously smooth character, blended with distinctive notes of sandal, cedar and musk to give it that little extra spice.

Charming Rich Cream Candles

rich cream fragrance

This is a peculiar one – it manages to be at once cosy and classy, charming and calming together. We’ve heard it likened to a ‘fine woody aftershave’, which is wonderfully accurate! While we sometimes find that the men and ladies each have clear favourites amongst our range, the thing about Rich Cream fragrance is that it’s a beautifully universal scent, attractive to all our customers alike. The floral scents of bergamot, eucalyptus and lavender give it a soothing base, while the woods and lemon and spices give it a certain masculine edge. The musk rounds it all off, giving the rich cream candle just a hint of mystery (always a desirable quality…!)

The Treasured Burgundy Candle Range

burgundy scented candle

Our Burgundy scented candle is a real treasure. It uses a unique blend of ingredients that gives it a many-layered scent with a warm, intense veneer. This complexity is responsible for not only its gorgeous scent, but also its soothing qualities. Many of these ingredients have active uses in aromatherapy as aids for mental health issues – and though the extent of their effectiveness is still a matter of debate, there’s no denying that Burgundy’s mix of ingredients make it a relaxing scent that’s perfect for taking the edge off stressful situations.

Exotic ingredients like Ylang-ylang (a plant originally hailing from Indonesia) has a strong history of being used as an anti-depressant, while jasmine is frequently used in aromatherapy specifically to alleviate stress. Another key ingredient, basil, has a calming, refreshing effect when its scent is inhaled – the science says so!

All of this adds up to an amazing present for a Dad or Granddad who needs a bit of a break now and again – especially if it’s from childcare duties!

Of course, our options don’t stop there. We went into similar detail about other products in our 2016 Father’s Day blog – still as relevant as ever – and we’ve still got a massive range of handmade candles that are perfect for every personality. Go on, give him something new – which one will you introduce your Dad to this Father’s Day?

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