Making scents of Spring fragrances: an interview with Melt’s owner!

18 March 14


This week, we put Cheryl Hook, Melt Candles’ owner (and chief nose!) in the hot seat for a chat about spring fragrances. Read on to get Cheryl’s recommendation on finding the perfect scents for the season…

As an expert in fragrances, what do you think makes a scent perfect for spring?

A spring fragrance is something really special that has to lift your spirits after a long winter. Opt for scents that are fresh, clean, light and bright to really blow away any remaining winter blues and put a spring in your step!

What kinds of feelings should a good spring fragrance evoke?

There’s so much potential in a really good spring fragrance. This is the kind of scent that should be evocative of all kinds of wonderful things that we associate with spring: new beginnings, optimism and a bubbly sense of underlying excitement…like you’re waiting for something good to happen!

Spring is traditionally seen as a time for light, fresh florals. Do fans of spice and musk have to adapt, or is there a middle ground?

Not at all, no! At the end of the day, if you’re a big fan of spicy or musky scents, something totally different may never be your cup of tea. The trick is, then, to move from the heavier spice and musks to something a little more season appropriate – something lighter and fresher, that can still have those rich, warm notes.

When it comes to fragrances for the home, Melt’s Nocturne scented candles and Rich Cream scented candles are really good choices for spice addicts looking for a lighter, gentler touch for the spring and summer.

Both of these scents are perfect for a spicy spring/summer season – think warm nights watching the stars come out, or sun-baked evening walks in the woods.

Nocturne features a lovely blend of aromatic seeds, spices and sandalwood, while Rich Cream has a fresher, more citrusy touch: vivid bergamot, sparkling lemon and eucalyptus, and a lovely floral twist at the base.

Which are your five favourite Melt scents for spring, and why?

Tough decision because, of course, everyone’s tastes will differ. But for me, these are (in no particular order!) the fragrances in our range that just shout “Spring!”:

First up, our Eden scented candle: it reminds me of that fragrance when you get your first warm, sunny day of spring, and people rush out to cut the grass.

That lovely sharp, sweet fragrance is so unique, and it’s one that we all recognise. A vivid green fragrance like this really reminds you that spring is here, and we’ve blended it with sweet fig for a really well-balanced, fresh scent.

Then, you’ve got our Joy scented candle – always a favourite with our customers, and still one with me. It’s a perfectly happy, sparkly floral, which taps into the spring trend for sparkly aldehydic florals; very pretty, upbeat and easy to like.

Next up is our Hush scented candle – this is a really girly scent; a lovely chalky, gentle floral that hints at spring waiting just around the corner.

Our Shine scented candle is the ultimate clean fragrance, perfect for those of us who love getting the washing out on the line after a long winter of tumble-drying! Top notes of grapefruit and bergamot add a vibrantly clean and fresh note, which is underpinned by armoise to stop it being too flighty.

Finally, you’ve got our White scented candles – these are perfect for gentle spring and summer days when a gentle breeze is coming in through the windows.

Quiet and gentle though this scent is, we LOVE it for spring. It’s so soft and it just envelops you like clean fresh bedding – it’s also a musky scent, so perfect for those looking for a non-floral spring scent.

Are you all set for spring? Which fragrances will you be choosing as the sun comes creeping out? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us your faves @MeltCandles!