Luxury Skincare: Naturally European, Naturally Beautiful!

17 July 14
naturally european luxury skincare

This week we are taking another in-depth look at one of our luxury skincare ranges, carefully chosen with our customers in mind. We know you will love the natural ingredients and lush fragrances in the Naturally European range.

Here at Melt, we know how that special scent can take you on a journey. Naturally European luxury skincare products combine nourishing natural skincare with evocative fragrances, precisely chosen to take you on a voyage across Europe. Made with all natural ingredients and free from parabens, why not try some of their sumptuous skincare and see where it takes you?

Travel to southern Spain with ginger and lime

Combining invigorating lime with spicy ginger, this fragrance evokes a feeling of Southern Spain, bringing back all those relaxing holiday memories wherever you are! Products in this range would equally suit men and women, so it’s a great choice for a guest bathroom too.

Take a trip to Provence with lavender

This classic fragrance is reminiscent of beautiful Provence and fields filled with flowers and herbs bathed in Mediterranean sunshine. Lavender has a reputation for relaxation and healing, so why not unwind with some lavender shower gel followed by lavender body cream at the end of a long day? Bliss!

Visit the Swiss Alps…

The Naturally European milk scent combines the soft and creamy comforting aroma of milk with undertones of cedar wood and patchouli, transporting you to the fresh green meadows of the Swiss Alps. The perfect fresh fragrance for summer!

Journey to Bulgaria with rose petal

Romantic rose is the definitive elegant fragrance. For centuries the scent of roses has enchanted people the world over. Naturally European reckon their fresh rose petal scent will transport you to the Bulgarian rose valleys, with their meandering petal-strewn paths.

Evoke the apothecary gardens of Europe with sage

Since time immemorial sage has been used in rituals and herbal cures, for a wide variety of medicinal and healing purposes. The subtle aroma of sage is blended with companion oils to stimulate your mind and body. This is a great fragrance when you need to wake up- why not use Naturally European sage products for your morning shower, or any time you need to concentrate?

Try the sweet citrus of Verbena

This range features the irresistible aroma of sweet smelling Spanish Lemon Verbena, a plant which produces a lemon scent when its leaves are bruised. The zesty fragrance is sure to leave you refreshed whenever you use it!

Choose your fragrance journey in any of these luxury products…

All of the Naturally European fragrances are available in shower gel, luxury hand wash, body lotion, body cream, hand wash and triple milled moisturising soap bars. That means there is plenty to choose from to get your fragrance fix!

For luxury skincare, we’re the natural choice

Just like our luxury scented candles, all of the luxury skincare we have chosen for you is full-to-bursting with natural goodness and no chemical nasties. When it comes to your skin, you can trust Melt to pick the very best! Why not choose some scented candles to complete that indulgent fragrance experience?

Have you used any luxury skincare from Naturally European? Tell us what you thought below, or tweet us @MeltCandles!