Lift your spirits with lily of the valley

27 June 16
Lift your spirits with lily of the valley

If you haven’t already seen the latest scents to grace our scented candle collection, where have you been? We recently introduced a lovely Garden range, which features the fabulous scent of lily of the valley. Sophisticated and timeless, we think you’ll love it… and we haven’t even touched on its aromatherapy benefits yet!

Our new lily of the valley scented candle is definitely the most feminine scent in our range. It’s neither too sweet nor too dull – so it pretty much pleases anyone. In fact, there’s nothing at all offensive about it. While it smells beautiful, that’s not the only reason you need our lily of the valley candle in your life. It’s full of fantastic aromatherapy benefits too.


The aromatherapy benefits of lily of the valley


Lift your spirits with lily of the valley scented candles


  1. It’s your daily dose of happy

In aromatherapy, lily of the valley is used to relieve depression and all those negative thoughts. Through the use of the essential oil, users will often experience a feeling of happiness, comfort and security, helping them feel much more positive and at ease with life. So, if you find you suffer from the blues, it may be worth trying out our lily of the valley candle to see if it can do the trick.


  1. It helps boost your brain

Ever wake up with a foggy head? Are you finding that you’re so busy that you’re getting a little bit forgetful of late? If you’ve answered “yes” to either of these questions, lily of the valley may just be able to help. Over the years, the essential oil has been used to help strengthen the brain and rejuvenate a weak memory. Who knows, it may even be a useful aid for exam prep!


  1. It solves a multitude of health problems

Lily of the valley has also been used to aid a number of health issues. In alternative therapies, it has been used to help heart diseases and treat chronic lung diseases, as well as respiratory conditions like asthma. It’s also well known for keeping your digestion in good check and is sometimes used as a digestion aid instead of aloe.


Shop our lily of the valley wonders today

Lift your spirits with lily of the valley

Our lily of the valley candles are available in a range of shapes and sizes. If you just want a sampler, choose our Travel Candle, priced at £8.95. The largest candle in the range, our Tall & Fat, is ideal for anyone who’s fallen in love with the scent. We also stock a fantastic range of lily of the valley body care products. Within the Aromas Artesanales de Antigua range you’ll find a lily of the valley body cream, hand cream, soap, and a handy travel collection to keep you smelling sweet all day.


If you’ve got a soft spot for floral scents, why not try one of the other gorgeous-smelling candles in our Garden Collection? One of our personal favourites is Wisteria, which is sure to inject a bit of positivity and energy into your day.  Shop the Wisteria scented candle collection now.

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