Let your true beauty shine through with rose oil

26 January 15
All about rose oil

Rose. What’s not to love about it? It smells delightful, invokes a feeling of charm and romance and the blooms themselves are one of the most beautiful too. Perhaps these are just some of the reasons why rose has never gone out of fashion.

It was used by the Romans to treat everything from skin irritation to depression, and is still used now in a wide range of fragrances, beauty treatments and skincare. But why is rose so special? Let’s take a look what it has to offer.

5 things we love about rose oil

1) It has a powerful aroma with a multitude of benefits

If you’ve burnt a rose scented candle before, you’ll know exactly what we’re on about. Its aroma seems to have a miraculous way of keeping you charged and feeling happy and can also help to cure headaches too.

2) It attacks aging

Though the use of rose oil infused skincare products, you’ll be able to protect your skin against wrinkles and firm up other areas of your body.

3) It’s great for skin

It makes scars or stretch marks on the skin fade quickly – from acne scars right through to surgery scars. Much of this is to do with the antioxidants found within the oil, which speed up the healing process of the skin. Other benefits include shining, fresh and youthful skin. This is down to the moisture retaining properties, which make is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin.

4) It balances us females

Rose oil has even been known to balance female hormones, help maintain regular periods and help improve fertility.

5) Last but not least it’s an aphrodisiac

Perfect for getting hearts aflutter this Valentine’s Day, rose scent boosts the libido while invoking romantic feelings. This makes it the ideal scent to wear or burn in the background on Valentine’s night.

Rose products to melt your heart…

At Melt we’ve got a whole range of wonderful rose infused products for you to benefit from.

Firstly there are our beautiful fragrances – particularly Love and More – which feature a number of gorgeous rose elements. Perfect for burning on that romantic night in, or just to relax with as you sit back in the bathtub with your feet up. The fragrances come in a number of shapes, sizes and colours, meaning you can have one in every room if you so desire. We certainly would!

Our Aromas Artesanales range also offers a number of rose infused skincare products. Within the range you’ll find rose petal hand cream, for silky soft hands, and rose petal triple milled soap, which moisturises your skin while leaving it with a light, fresh fragrance.

Naturally European also offers up a whole host of gorgeously luxurious rose products. The range includes soap, body cream, hand cream, body lotion, hand wash and shower gel, meaning you’ll definitely be smelling of roses all day long.

What do you love most about rose oil? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles