The Garden Scented Candle Collection: Wisteria

15 July 16
The Garden Collection Wisteria

If you haven’t already tried our Wisteria candle yet, where have you been? Our new Garden Collection launched in spring – and Wisteria is just one of the new luxury scented candles to try.

Our love of Wisteria fragrance


Wisteria is one of those plants you just can’t resist. Enchanting and beautiful, it adds a touch of wonder to any location – and it smells pretty good too! Wisteria offers much more than good looks too. Wisteria oil is also bursting with a whole host of fantastic benefits – a few of which we’ll explore today.

Our wisteria scented candles are perhaps the most enchanting in the Garden Collection. It’s sweet yet interesting and bold yet welcoming and warming. The heady scent is also infused with creamy vanilla – so if you’re a fan of our soft and snuggly scents, you’ll love this one too!

With its interesting range of properties, Wisteria is definitely one of our most fascinating scents to date. In fact, it has such a diverse range of ingredients; it would suit just about anyone’s home. Guaranteed to make any space feel fresh and fragrant, it’s the kind of scent that only needs to be burned for a while to fill a room with goodness.


Wisteria floral scent and positivity

Wisteria floral scent

Feeling a bit down about work or a relationship? Struggling to get into a positive mindset after a string of bad news? If you’ve become a bit of a Negative Nancy or Debbie Downer of late, wisteria oil might be what you need. The full-bodied scent also creates a feeling of positive energy – meaning that anyone inhaling the scent will certainly get back their mojo.

Top tip: Pop your wisteria scented candle on at the start of your day to help you stay positive all day long.

Wisteria scent and the feel-good factor

Wisteria scented candles

Wisteria doesn’t just make you feel more positive about life, it also promises a daily dose of happy. With its feminine, sweet scent and wholesome goodness – you won’t be able to help but smile.

Top tip: Use your wisteria scented candle in the main living areas, like your lounge, to promote happiness and good vibrations.

Like all of our luxury scented candles, Wisteria is available in a range of shapes and sizes. We’ve got our popular Room Scenter, ideal for your office, bathroom and bedroom, and our Tall and Fat scented candle, ideal for you lounge or hallway, with 160 hours burn time. You can discover the whole collection for yourself here.

If you like the sound of this floral scent, why not treat yourself to one of our other happiness-infused scented candles? Joy is another one of our fantastic floral scented candles. It features a unique combination of florals and citrus ingredients on a woody and musk base. Perfect for summer, this sparkly, happy, fragrance is a must for your home.

Have you tried our Wisteria scented candle? If you’ve already got your hands on one of our newest scents, we’d love to hear your feedback. Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles