The Mitchell & Peach range

5 October 15
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At Melt we like to sprinkle you with delightful fragrances – and two of our favourites in our current range are Flora No. 1 and English Leaf, from Mitchell & Peach. Featuring all things natural and inspired by beautiful English floral, we can guarantee a product that not only smells good, but makes you feel wonderful too! Made with aromatherapy and skin needs in mind, there’s a lot to love about these new product ranges.

A little bit about Mitchell and Peach

Before you buy into a product it’s nice to know a little about the company and its ethos. We were so wowed by the homegrown feel to Mitchell and Peach it wasn’t long before we got on board. Their products are hand-blended in England, using the finest natural ingredients, including matured essential oils from the family’s fields and honey collected from hives on the estate. Because of this, you can be sure that you’ll find no added nasties in your fragrances – just pure, delightful scents.

At the moment Mitchell and Peach have two ranges – English Leaf and Flora No. 1 – but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for more! Similar in quality and style, but with a slightly different vibe, you may just decide you want to mix and match between the collections!

The English Leaf range

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This aromatic ‘green floral’ collection is inspired by the English countryside – and boy it smells good. Just like some of our own Melt scents, the English Leaf range has taken our favourite scents and smells from the gorgeous countryside and infused them into a fabulous, uplifting bottle of spritz. Fragrances included in the EDT include soft citruses, coriander leaves, basil, mint and essential oils – all from the Mitchell plantations.

The English Leaf EDT is available to buy in a 50ml bottle, but because we’re rather nice, we also offer samples of the scent for just £2.50. It’s always nice to try before you buy!

The Flora No. 1 range


Naturally fragranced with ylang-ylang, peony, rose, lavender and violet, Flora No.1 is utterly elegant. Deep and warm, yet still remaining light, it’s the perfect women’s scent, complementing most skin.

Just like English Leaf, Flora No. 1 has been made with TLC, hand-blended with pure extracts from the Mitchell estate. What’s more, we have a whole product line available in this range. From nourishing hand cream, to radiance facial oil and soap – you’ll feel like a goddess with Flora No. 1. We’d also recommend the body cream and cobnut scrub, which will help your skin to look good all year round – even in the cold, dry winter. Some of the nourishing and yummy scented ingredients included in the bath and body products are honey and coconut – along with the matured floral oils – all known for their skin enriching benefits.

To find out more about any of the products mentioned today, you can explore the English Leaf range, and Flora No. 1. Enjoy!

What items from the Mitchell & Peach range will you be popping on your shopping list? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles