Introducing: The Garden Range

10 July 15
melt blog garden range feature image

We love the scent of summer. From freshly cut grass, the sweet scent of blooms and those scrumptious home barbecues – there’s a sense of vitality and happiness all around. But what if you could bring those beautiful smells of summer inside, with carefully crafted scented candles that encapsulate all the best bits about the season? With our newest scented candle range – The Garden Range – you can!

Our newest scented candle range features our favourite blooms – allowing you to bring their sensational scent into your own home, whatever the season or weather forecast. Natural, welcoming and just beautiful – there’s nothing artificial or unpleasant in our garden scents.

The Garden Range includes the following fragrances:

  • Hyacinth
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Lavender
  • Carnation

Each candle is available in all our usual sizes – Tall & Fat, Short & Fat and Tall & Thin, with the smallest in the range priced at just £12.95

The only challenge you’ll face is deciding which of the four floral fragrances to pick for your home!

 The beauty of floral scents

Nature brings out the very best in scents. At Melt, we think why mess around trying to adapt and enhance the simple things when they smell so good already? Floral scents are just so beautiful that they simply can’t be improved upon – plus they bring a whole host of wonderful benefits set to feed your heart and your soul.

Hyacinth has the power to change all those negative feelings you may be experiencing and is great for treating psychological problems. From burnout to depression and stress, the scent of Hyacinth can help to remedy and resolve these common problems. It’s an especially useful fragrance for times of change – after a breakup of a relationship, before you start a new job or during a time of grief. Hyacinth brings the positive back into your life.



The sweet scent of Lily of the Valley reminds us of a warm and cosy blanket. Its scent evokes a sense of security – which can be used to relieve depression and replace negative vibes with happy ones.


lily of the valley

If you’re a fan of the Melt blog, you’ll already know all the benefits of Lavender. As one of our super scents, Lavender is incredibly versatile and useful – and smells utterly incredible. Sweet, yet somewhat punchy, the pretty scent of Lavender is often used to treat depression, tension headaches, stress and anxiety.

melt blog garden range lavendar

The final floral scent in the range, Carnation, is a lover’s best friend. Sweet, yet mild, it’s a powerful aphrodisiac that makes anyone who’s in its presence feel uplifted and loved up. By de-stressing and revitalising the body and mind, Carnation helps individuals get in touch with their sensual side, creating a sense of calm and openness.

melt blog garden range carnation

Fancy trying out our newest garden scents for yourself? Head over to our offers page to explore the whole range. Enjoy!

What are your favourite smells of summer? Share the scents that give you those summer vibes in the comments below or tweet them to us @MeltCandles