The Garden Scented Candle Collection: Lavender

8 August 16
The Garden Collection: Lavender

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been giving you the lowdown on all our gorgeous new scented candles from The Garden Collection. From the enchanting scent of Wisteria to the charming tones of Lily of the Valley, you’ve been treated to some of the best smells in the Melt scented candle collection. Now, all that remains is the classic fragrance of Lavender, a timeless fragrance in the Garden Collection. Ideal in times of stress, depression and worry, it’s the perfect scent to complete your luxury scented candle collection.

We love a bit of lavender here at Melt – and while many of our scented candles feature a little bit of lavender, we wanted to create a something a little more potent for all you lavender fans. The new Garden Collection gave us the perfect opportunity to go all out with a beautiful lavender fragranced candle. We haven’t held back with our new scent; we’ve used the best in aromatherapy oils, ensuring you receive all the benefits that lavender’s so famous for.


Why we love Lavender

The Garden Collection: Lavender scented candles

While reminiscent of lavender fields, our lavender scented candles deliver a whole lot of perks alongside smelling good. In terms of aromatherapy benefits, it’s probably one of the best scents to go for. Lavender ensures a sense of wellbeing, promoting good sleep and relaxation – helping you feel good, day and night.

The benefits include:

  • An aid for headaches and migraines

The calming effect of lavender is great for headaches and migraines. These common conditions are usually related to nervous tension and emotional stress, symptoms which lavender has been proven to tackle.

  • A remedy for stress and insomnia

Lavender has the ability to help you switch off and relax – ideal for those of you finding it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Start using our Lavender scented candle as part of your bedtime routine. You might want to burn the fragrance in your bedroom to ensure you get your zzz’s.

  • A tonic for anxiety and depression

Many of our health, wellness and emotional problems relate to anxiety and depression – which lavender can help treat. By tackling these root causes of ill health or poor emotional state, lavender has the power to tackle many of your day-to-day ailments. Known to remove nervous exhaustion; lavender helps you to relax while also increasing mental activity.

So, whether you’re feeling stressed at work, struggling to switch off at the end of the night, or going through a particularly stressful period in life, choose Lavender. It may be exactly what you need.

If you’re a fan of our relaxing scents, you’ll love Still, one of our most expensive and relaxing scents to date. Brimming with lavender, calming chamomile, and geranium and eucalyptus, it’s the perfect scent to enjoy as you sit back and float away. Shop our Still scented candles today.

Which garden-inspired scents would you like to see added to our collection? We’d love to know! Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles