The Garden Scented Candle Collection: Hyacinth

8 July 16
The Garden Collection hyacinth

If you’re fed up of the dreary weather, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. With our beautiful, floral scented candles, you don’t need sunshine to create a feeling of warmth and energy in your home – the candles provide that for you. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been taking a closer look at some of our newest scented candles and today it’s the turn of hyacinth. As one of the brightest and best scents to lift your mood, it’s a must-have floral for all seasons.

Hyacinth Scented Candle: Your new best friend

Hyacinth Scented Candles

One thing we have to say about our hyacinth scented candles is that they are certainly not shy! In fact, it’s the opposite to some of our other garden scents, like our carnation scented candles, offering a sweet and powerful fragrance instead. While it may be too bold for some, we’re pretty sure the majority will love it. The gorgeous floral not only makes your home smell good, it makes you feel amazing too!

Three amazing benefits of hyacinth

hyacinth fragrance

Like all our scented candles, hyacinth comes with a wealth of wonderful properties too. The essential oil is especially helpful in treating psychological problems – but when used in its oil form; it can do wonders for your skin and hair too.

The perfect scented candle for stress-relief

If you’re a worrier at heart or going through a stressful period in your life, our hyacinth scented candle might be just what you need. The essential oil helps to tackle all those negative feelings in your mind and can also combat depression and stress.

The perfect floral candle for relaxing with

When you think of relaxation, you might typically think of spa fragrances – and while these work, so does our hyacinth candle. Great for anyone experiencing burnout, hyacinth essential oil helps you to wind down and completely relax.

The perfect scent for new beginnings

Starting a new job? Lost a loved one? Or split up from a long-term partner? If you’re experiencing a time of change, hyacinth brings the positive back into your life and helps you come to terms with your emotions, stresses and heartache. While bold, it’s also a comforting fragrance and offers that all-important support when you need it most.

As always, you can find our new hyacinth candle online in our scented candle collection. We’ve got a huge variety of sizes to choose from, starting with our small but full-scented hyacinth Travel Candle to our scented candle powerhouse, the hyacinth Tall & Fat scented candles.

For those of you yet to try our classic scented candles, we’d also recommend our lily, jasmine and gardenia-infused Dance – especially for this time of the year. Full, feminine, and loud – it’s sure to add a touch of summer fun to your home, even if it drizzling outside!

What other scents would you like to see in our Garden Collection? We’d love to know! Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles