The Garden Scented Candle Collection: Carnation

30 June 16
The Garden Collection Carnation

In last week’s blog, we introduced you to the true lady of the bunch, our lily of the valley scented candle. Today, it’s the turn of carnation, one of the only floral candles to mix sweet and spicy notes perfectly. Of course, the luxury scented candles don’t just smell good – they’re full of wellbeing properties too. Read on to discover exactly what our carnation candle has to offer…

Carnation: A unique scented candle floral fragrance

Carnation scented candles

When it comes to floral scented candles, you either love them or loathe them. For some, they can be too overpowering and perfumed for your living space. However, some individuals love the fresh and natural scent of florals, like rose, lily and carnation, and the vibrancy and energy these scented candles bring into the home.

Luckily, our carnation scented candles gets it just right. It’s neither too sweet nor too dull – so it’s certain to please just about everyone. Featuring spicy, peppery notes, this luxury scented candle boasts a more sophisticated scent than your traditional floral scented candle, with a rich depth you just can’t get enough of. We’d best compare it to an oriental type fragrance, mysterious and beautiful. Ideal for special occasions, like date night, and setting the mood, it’s one candle you must add to your collection!

Three amazing benefits of carnation essential oil

carnation essential oils

The stunning scent of carnation is just the start of its fantastic properties. The essential oil of carnation is also well known for its ability to relieve depression and anxiety among a whole other range of ailments.

Carnation relieves depression and many of the associated symptoms

If you’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps recently, our carnation candle may just give you the momentum to pick yourself up and move on. It evokes a feeling of quickness while helping you to sleep and relax at the same time – tackling the various different elements of depression. Carnation essential oil also helps to get rid of those negative feelings, which too often contribute to depression and anxiety.

Carnation puts you in the mood for romance

We did say our carnation candle was great for date night and research proves that the potent scent is a fantastic aphrodisiac. Forget strawberries and dark chocolate – all you need is our luxury scented candle burning in the background.

Carnation is great for the skin

You’ll find that many skincare products feature carnation – and when you consider its therapeutic properties, it’s no surprise. The essential oil works like a conditioner and tones the skin – helping leave a youthful and plumped up appearance. It’s also ideal for ageing skin, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles – especially when combined with massage.

If florals aren’t your thing, why not try our Noir luxury scented candles? This deep and dark scented candle is yet another of our sensual fragrances and truly luxurious!

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