Interested In A More Intimate Way To Enjoy Bonfire Night?

3 November 17
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Here in Britain, Bonfire Night is an event that holds a treasured place on our autumn calendar. There’s lots to love about it – the fantastic colours, the sense of tradition, and the way it brings families and communities together. But this week on the blog at Melt, we’re looking at doing things slightly differently. As you might expect, we’re big fans of small, intimate events too, and this blog is going to look at how you can use your favourite luxury scented candles to have a quiet (Bonfire) night in!

The Best Bits Of Bonfire Night – In Your Living Room!

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However much we all love Bonfire Night, you have to admit that it does involve dealing with a few of the same obstacles each year: there are traffic jams in and out of the venue, mercilessly chilly weather and sometimes impatient or crying children to contend with. If you don’t fancy dealing with all that, but you don’t want to ignore Bonfire Night entirely, we’ve got good news – you don’t have to choose between them!

Lots of families enjoy more modest, back-garden fireworks displays, and if you’ve got the confidence you can set off some quite impressive spectacles! It’s a lovely chance to enjoy some family bonding time, and there’s no lengthy trudge back to the car afterward – you can just walk right back into the warmth. (And if you want to nurse a cheeky glass of mulled wine, there’s nothing stopping you there, either!)

Each of our luxury scented candles aren’t quite bonfires, but they contain all of its mesmerising visual appeal, in a much smaller and manageable form. There’s another advantage to having a family fireworks at home, too: in the dark of the November night, there’s nothing quite like creating a low, enchanting ambience for your living room, ready for you to settle down and snuggle up once the kids have gone to bed!

Our Favourite Bonfire Night Scents

Our favourite autumn ingredients

You might have your own opinion, but personally we think for an event like Bonfire Night, scented candles with the most significance are those with a link to the great outdoors. Amongst the ones we’d suggest are Eden, with its cut-grass scent carrying a hint of the beauty of the natural world. Then there’s Dark Wood, with a rich, softly perfumed scent bringing a hint of entrancing mystery to your living room, reminiscent of the hypnotic majesty of a fiercely burning bonfire. Our old favourite Autumn is another fantastic option, bringing with her the charismatic scent of cinnamon and clove, putting you in mind of piles of freshly-fallen autumn leaves.

Those are far from the only options – there’s lots more to choose from amongst our range! You can browse our scented candles here, and if you ever need any help or advice, we’re only a phone call away on 01200 443377.

Remember, whatever you end up doing on Bonfire Night this weekend – from all of us here at Melt, stay safe!

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