Ingredient Focus: Chamomile

4 March 16
Ingredient Focus Chamomile

Looking for a calming and cosy essential oil to make you feel your best? You’ll find all you need in chamomile, an aromatherapy staple designed to calm the skin, body and mind. Whether used directly on the skin, or burned in a scented candle, it’s sure to promote ultimate relaxation.

What is chamomile?

Chamomile is an age-old medicinal herb that has been used throughout history in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Used for its numerous medicinal purposes, the popularity of the essential oil has continued to grow over the years – with it now being one of the most popular choices for relaxation today.

With it being an anti-inflammatory, sleep aid, anti-bacterial, stress reliever and antihistamine, it’s no wonder many see it as a miracle scent. Its primary benefits include its calming and therapeutic effects, along with its ability to support and enhance the immune system.

Ingredient Focus Chamomile

Why we love it

  1. It gives us a dose of happy

Chamomile has been proven to be effective in fighting depression and improving mood. With a dose of the oil you can say goodbye to sadness and sluggishness as you adopt a happier and more energetic mood.

  1. It’s great for bloated bellies

Whether your digestive system isn’t working at its best, or you’ve got a bout of IBS due to stress, chamomile may be able to help. It’s often used to cure inflammation, especially that which occurs in the digestive system.

  1. It soothes all those aches and pains

Chamomile doesn’t just improve our mental state; it can help those aches and pains in the body too – reducing pain in muscles and joints.

  1. It’s full of benefits for the skin

Being anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, chamomile is great for tackling all those common skin problems. It can also help to cure acne by removing toxins and cleaning glands through sweating. 

  1. It promotes a good night’s sleep

If you’ve been suffering with insomnia or poor sleep patterns, it may be worth giving chamomile a go. Present in many natural sleep and stress pill formulas, and in a variety of Melt products, the aromatherapy oil actively reduces stress and anxiety – making it easier to switch off and go to sleep.

Where to find it

Chamomile appears in our scented candles and skincare products.

Ingredient Focus Chamomile

If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation scent, try Still, our chill out luxury scented candle designed for busy and stressed bodies. It’s been one of our expensive scents to make to date – but if it helps you to sit back and relax it’s 100% worth it.

If your skin is in need of a little TLC, why not try a chamomile-based product to soften and relax your skin? The Aroma Artesanales range includes a collection of Lavender & Chamomile products, designed exactly for this purpose. You can choose from a hand cream, hand wash, and body cream – we personally can’t live without all three!

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