Ingredient focus: Amber

17 May 16
amber ingredient

Amber is one of those extra special scents, full of goodness. The scent itself is actually rather hard to describe – sometimes sweet, other times smoky, sometimes powdery, other time woody, but always an absolute delight. Derived from tree resin, which is then blended with exotic oils, amber essential oil has extensively been used in aromatherapy and its benefits praised for years.


A closer look at Amber

amber liquid scent

Amber has been used throughout history to help and heal ailments. Jewellery made from the material was also thought to minimise pain in the area it was worn – for example, around the neck or in arthritic wrist joints. In fact, many people still wear amber jewellery today – because of these well-known properties.

During World War II, children in Germany were given amber beads to wear, in the hope that it would ease the pains of teething and make children grow stronger. Even now, amber is used to help youngsters through the painful teething process.


Three reasons why Amber’s simply amazing!

amber fragrance

  1. It calms the mind

If you suffer from stress or find it hard to wind down at the end of the day, amber may be the perfect essential oil for you. It’s known to have a soothing effect on the body and is particularly useful in yoga and meditation, where the best practices occur when totally relaxed.


  1. It helps make skin and hair look great

If you’ve been looking for that skin and hair miracle, look no further than amber. There are plenty of pills and potions, which promise luscious looks and satin soft skin, but amber really does appear to deliver the goods. It refreshes the skin and rejuvenates the growth of new cells – which in turn tackles all those troublesome signs of aging. It’s also ideal for Indian head massage, where it’s been shown to rejuvenate the hair follicles.


  1. It helps to fight depression

As well as calming the mind and the body, studies have also show that the oil relaxes brain waves. This can help fight problems such as anxiety and depression, in turn reducing anxiety-induced problems like palpitations and insomnia. Take a whiff of the scent before bed or pop a few drops into your evening bath.


Where to find it

Melt luxury scented candles

With all its fabulous properties, it’s no surprise that we’re huge fans of Amber here at Melt. Here are just a few of our scented candles to boast this amazing scent…

Aubergine scented candles – This popular seasonal scent is rich and warm, promising comfort as the nights begin to draw in.

Saddle scented candles – For warmth and comfort, turn to Saddle. This delicious fragrance is the perfect year-round choice for your home.

White scented candles – The woodland scent of amber can be a little too much for some – so if you prefer scents that are a little sweeter, why not give White a try? It offers all the usual benefits of amber with the sweetness of musk, mint and vanilla. Mmmm!

Shine scented candles – For clarity and confidence, turn to Shine. The invigorating scent, combined with rejuvenating citrus oils, is sure to make you feel your best.

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